Why ODIs Have A Bright Future In The Game Of Cricket

Samarth Parikh
|Published June 26, 2017

The advent of T20 has certainly cast a shadow over the 50 over format in international cricket. The T20 format was initially introduced to bolster crowds for the domestic games, and there was no intention to introduce it on the international arena. But it has made a name for itself in the people’s minds, and invariably we   spectators flock to the stadium to witness this high intensity segment of the game. Test cricket has still maintained its distinction as the purest form of the game. Experts don’t hesitate in saying that a cricketer is deemed a good prospect only when he has made a mark in test cricket. In such a situation it’s the 50-over format that has made it’s way under the scanner. Here are 5 reasons Why ODIs Have A Bright Future In The Game Of Cricket.

Strike a balance between the bat and the ball

The T20 provides proportionately more excitement and fun, where people consider technique and temperament as optional skills to possess. They expect the batsmen to maul the bowlers around the park, craving for a run fest. But a true fan of the game loves a healthy contest between the bat and the ball. The ODI format promises to deliver both the excitement and the contest. It allows the bowler to get some breathing space to get into his rhythm and the batsman can take his time to get the feel of the wicket and build his innings.

Cricket can be introduced and encouraged in new centres

Introduction of one day cricket in non-Test playing nations where cricket is not a common sport, can help attract the crowd as the game would last for only a day. It could prove to be a breakthrough for cricket loving nations which are unheard of and a great platform to attract new talent into the game. Once the spectators are into the sport, Test cricket could be introduced subsequently for the growth of the game. For instance, Afghanistan and Ireland have made a great impact in one day cricket prior to be being inducted in the test format.

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The most prestigious event in the game is played in the 50-over format

The ODI World Cup is the most sought after cricketing event in the world. It attracts viewers from all over the world. The tournament which takes place once every four years has a great legacy and teams practice diligently much in advance in preparation for the marquee event. The tournament is a great contest between the participating nations and doesn’t fail to leave the cricket fans with memories to remember.

Players develop additional skills as the pitch plays an important role

Reading the pitch accurately is of tremendous importance in ODIs as the games are longer as compared to T20 and the players need to adapt better to the conditions in order to play for longer periods. When the sub-continent teams travel to Australia, England or vice versa, the conditions demand different skills. In the process, the players can develop their game and take it to a new level. Generally in the T20 format as the games are of shorter duration, less adaptations are required and the players can bank upon their conventional strokes and deliveries.

Players and supporters still immensely love the format

The recently concluded ICC Champions Trophy 2017 exhibited some high-quality ODI cricket. It attracted great interest among the fans from around the world. Mike Hussey wrote for the official website of ICC that, “The supporters have shown that they still enjoy the spectacle of what one-day cricket can offer. One-day cricket caters to different types of players, such as power hitters, players who work the ball and run hard, all rounders, spinners, skilled and pace bowlers.” Also the great success of the previous ICC World Cup in 2015, ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is evidence to the fact that even after the advent of T20 cricket, the fans still enjoy the competitiveness and excitement that ODI cricket brings to the game.

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