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Sha’Carri Richardson Shares Heartfelt Note With ‘New Vogue Family’ After Magazine Photoshoot

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Sha’Carri Richardson Shares Heartfelt Note With ‘New Vogue Family’ After Magazine Photoshoot

Aside from being one of the fastest women on the 100-meter grid this outdoor season, Sha’Carri Richardson is interested in a variety of other endeavors, including fashion. The sprinter has had some incredible moments while featuring for the iconic Vogue magazine, but amid the glitz and glamor, she has offered a heartfelt message for her family on her Instagram.

Due to the Olympic season, prominent athletes such as Sha’Carri are in contention to perform at their peak, but the pressure has not allowed the athlete to focus solely on sprinting. The Vogue digital magazine is one of her first digital covers, and she appreciates everyone who has supported her throughout her journey.

Even with all of the attention on her, she hasn’t forgotten her roots, as the first photo in the Instagram post shows her family members, beginning with Richardson in the center and progressing to her sister, Tahjna Calhoun, her cousins Calvin Harp and Natalie Byers, her aunt Brenda Davis, and her cousins Aniyah Davis, Kyle Harp, and Bella Harp.

The following slide shows the behind-the-scenes experiences that they shared on stage during the photoshoot. The third slide displays her wearing a white outfit and expressing a few empowering words, while the following slide shows a close-up of the athlete.


Before the last frame, the photo reveals the cover of the digital magazine, photographed by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, as well as Julia Sarr-Jamois’ yellow bodysuit. The entire Vogue experience was a source of admiration for the athlete, and she also left a note, writing:

“To know me is to know that family is everything! I am so grateful to get to share moments like this with my family. So from my family to my new Vogue family, this was special for all of us. It captures my love ones, my love for life, and my love for sport and fashion.”

The two-time world champion simply adores her family. In the same Vogue interview, she also shared a personal story about how she became the athlete she is today.

Sha’Carri Richardson Recalls About the Revelation of Her Hidden Track Potential

Throughout her childhood in a South Dallas neighborhood, Sha’Carri Richardson closely watched the medals displayed on the wall of her grandmother, Betty Harp. Those awards belonged to her aunt, Shay Richardson, who acquired them while competing in the sport and is also the family’s track star.

Because of this, young Sha’Carri was constantly competing with her aunt; she even faced her as a child and refused to give up, challenging herself to new heights.

They used to sprint all the way to her grandmother’s car, starting at the base of the hill. The hilly track made for a tough racecourse, and it wasn’t until Sha’Carri was in fifth grade that she managed to beat her aunt. For a child, to beat a professional sprinter at that time, was an incredible feat, and it sparked the track star within her.

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