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Austin Turpin Shines at Power Slap 7 as He Defeats Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata Despite Conceding 2 Fouls in a Close Heavyweight Match

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Austin Turpin Shines at Power Slap 7 as He Defeats Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata Despite Conceding 2 Fouls in a Close Heavyweight Match

The fans of Power Slap are never let down, as this time they got to witness a thrilling heavyweight bout. The competitors were widely recognized as Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata and Austin Turpin who took the stage. The two athletes were arch-nemesis for a while; however, this time, Turpin clinched the title with sheer determination and power in the event. The match delivered nothing short of entertainment and drama, as the audience was given their money’s worth.

Going to the ring, the two competitors had an air of supreme self-assurance. The last time, these two athletes came face to face against each other, Wolverine gave Turpin a bruised face and a swollen eye.

The 28-year-old, nevertheless, wasn’t scared of the past, as he took a bold stand. Wolverine went into the attacking position and delivered a forceful blow to the defender. However, Turpin appeared unfazed, as he swiftly got back up and was ready to attack.

Austin Turpin struck Bata in the next round so forcefully that some of his facial hair dramatically came out, drawing attention from the commentators. The 28-year-old’s slap, though, was flagged for clubbing, giving Wolverine an advantage.

The rounds went on, and the athletes continued to land devastating strikes with pinpoint precision. However, the two of them progressed well throughout the event, making the competition tight, as they both had a minor point gap between them.

Wolverine struck Turpin first in the fifth round, but his blow wasn’t strong enough to knock him out. But the 28-year-old squared up to his rival and smacked him in the face. In the end, Austin Turpin came out victorious, as Wolverine was knocked out by his powerful slap. Despite his rapid recovery, he was unable to avoid falling, as this long-overdue triumph was a source of redemption for Turpin.

The slap for which Austin Turpin took his revenge

Austin Turpin faced Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata in Power Slap 5. He wanted to dethrone the champion, as they both delivered devastating slaps to each other. Turpin didn’t perform up to par in R1, but he continued to get better as the game went on. However, Wolverine didn’t back down since he was able to hold up to the slaps due to his immense strength.

But after the game, supporters’ reaction to Turpin’s face left them in disbelief. The athlete already had a bruised face, but the punches that Wolverine delivered also caused his eyes to swell. Turpin also conveyed to his supporters that not everyone is made for this gruesome combat sport. However, Turpin has now tasted victory and put his opponent down after five painful rounds at the Power Slap 7.

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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