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Ricciardo to get Canadian GP penalties, confirms Newey

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Tue Jun 05 2018

Daniel Ricciardo has had a fruitful start to the 2018 F1 season as he is at par with Vettel and Hamilton with respect to race wins this season.

Ricciardo’s second win though was full of drama, as the Australian’s car suffered a power loss very early on in the race and he had to work really hard to keep Vettel and Hamilton at bay for more than half of the Monaco GP.

After the end of the grand prix, sources around the race track confirmed that the MGU-K issue wouldn’t need a MGU-K replacement, hence helping Ricciardo avoid a 10-place grid penalty in Canada.

However, Red Bull technical chief, Adrian Newey has confirmed that the MGU-K is not actually salvageable and will need to be replaced.

Ricciardo has already had a MGU-K replaced for the Chinese GP and hence a third one for the Australian will get him a 10-place grid penalty for the Canada GP.

“He will definitely be taking some penalties in Montreal, we haven’t heard at the moment just how many,” said Newey as quoted by Reuters.

“One of things there is whether the battery was damaged or not in Monaco, so until we know that from Renault we don’t know exactly what we’re facing. The K is definitely a penalty.” he added.

If a third energy store or control electronics is required, Ricciardo could be slapped with a further 5 grid penalty for each.

Red Bull’s engine provider Renault is coming up with an upgrade for Canada, but we’ll have to wait and see if all Renault powered teams opt for it.

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