Rohit Sharma attempts to diffuse the tension between the Pandya brothers

Siddharth Nair
|Published May 16, 2017

Mumbai Indians are in a celebratory mood after their win over the Kolkata Knight Riders ensured them a place in the top two of the league table. But while everyone in blue was rejoicing, some people noticed an argument cropping up on Twitter between the two Pandya brothers. Now Rohit Sharma attempts to diffuse the tension between the Pandya brothers.

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This started on May 14, when Hardik first sent out a cryptic message on Twitter in which it seemed like he was hurt at something.

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In response to this, Krunal sent out a tweet of his own in which he tried to diffuse the tension while also reminding Hardik who the elder brother was between the two of them.

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Whatever may be the issue between the two of them, neither tweet could give us a clear picture of what was exactly going on between the two Mumbai Indians players.

And as is always the case on social media, everyone wants to know everything about the person’s life even if it is of no concern to us whatsoever ! Especially if we are talking about celebrities here.

In an attempt to brush the issue under the carpet, the ever jovial Virender Sehwag gave a funny take on this matter as he joined in on the #PandyaBrosFight which was trending at that moment.

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And now finally the skipper of the Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma has jumped in and tried to end the matter once and for all. From his tweet we seem to have understood that the whole issue stemmed from a disagreement in paying bills.

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Clearly even the most petty issue can create a big storm on social media !

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