Scarlett Bordeaux: Female wrestler fumes at being groped by a fan

Archie Blade
|Published June 18, 2019

Scarlett Bordeaux: Female wrestler fumes at being groped by a fan. Says “it is never okay to touch a performer without their consent”.

Scarlett Bordeaux, real name Elizabeth Chihaia, took to Twitter to slam a fan that touched her inappropriately. The incident happened during a six-woman match over the weekend organised by AAA, a Mexican wrestling promotion.

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A video footage from the match showed a man in the front row pulling Bordeaux and groping her before she was pulled away by her opponent Lady Shani. Scarlett seemed to be unaware of the incident when it happened but appeared to be extremely disappointed and angry at the revelation.

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Scarlett’s response:

“It is never okay to touch a performer without their consent,” the 28-year-old wrestler tweeted. “I didn’t realise what happened until I watched the footage afterwards, being so in the moment after a dive with my back turned otherwise I would [have] reacted much differently.”   

Unbelievably though, some fans blamed the incident on the revealing attire Bordeaux had worn during the match. However, she was quick to put them down.

“If you wouldn’t want a stranger to grab you on the street, don’t do it to a wrestler as they’re putting their bodies on the line trying to entertain you.”

“What I wear is completely irrelevant. Could be a string bikini or a snowsuit, it doesn’t matter. My body is mine and you cannot touch me without my permission. Most fans I encounter are respectful, awesome people and I appreciate you.”

Scarlett Bordeaux is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling. She is best known for competing in Ohio Valley Wrestling, as well as appearing in WWE, ROH, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA), AAW, Chikara and CZW.

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