This is why The Shield lost their tag team titles

Abhay Sachan
|Published 07/11/2017

In the main event of RAW, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose put their RAW Tag Team Titles on the line against Sheamus and Cesaro. The match was going at an extraordinary pace, and just when it looked like Rollins and Ambrose were all set to retain the titles, The New Day’s music hit, the crowd went nuts and even Rollins and Ambrose did not understand what was going on.

This caused chaos as Kurt Angle brought the entire RAW Locker Room to protect the superstars in-ring from another attack.

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Rollins the legal man was distracted by The New Day, as Sheamus took advantage and delivered a Brogue Kick to pin Rollins 1..2…3 and win the RAW Tag Team Titles for his team thus becoming 3 time champs. Sheamus and Cesaro will go on to Survivor Series to face The USOs in a champions clash.

Many people did not understand why they booked for The Shield to lose the titles and stay out of the Survivor Series card. However that’s not the truth, The Shield will be at Survivor Series in an even better match. As made official on RAW, Roman Reigns will return on next week’s episode of RAW and re-unite with Rollins and Ambrose.

The reason for having Rollins & Ambrose lose the RAW Tag Team Championships is because The Shield will face The New Day at Survivor Series in a 3 on 3 tag team match. On next week’s episode of RAW The Shield will address The New Day’s actions and will challenge them to a match at Survivor Series, that was the plan behind this booking.

This booking not only adds one more huge match for the Survivor Series card, but it also gives The USOs a good chance to come out victorious by beating Sheamus & Cesaro.

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