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All About the Head Rackets That Won Andre Agassi Grand Slams and Olympic Gold Medal Which Remain Huge Fan Favorites in USA

Aravind Sekhar

Why was the Andre Agassi Head Racket A Huge Fan favorite During his Playing Days

Andre Agassi was one of the popular players on the ATP Tour during the 90’s. He was known for bringing in fashion on the court and also for his rackets he used. Agassi started off with using Donnay and Prince as his brands, but then switched to Head and that changed his fortunes. Recently though, Agassi was seen playing tennis with a Yonex racket and that raised eyebrows after he had a long and fruitful partnership with the American-Austrian equipment brand.

Agassi used the 18×19 string pattern on his rackets. He first started with a graphite racket and the head size was 107 square inches. It weighed 343 grams and the rackets he used later started weighing less. Agassi’s sponsorship with Head caused their market to bloom in the US. His popularity in the game helped Head in inspiring youngsters to use their rackets. In fact, Agassi felt so amazing while playing with Head’s rackets that he once believed as if he was ‘cheating’.

Andre Agassi first played with a Head racket in 1993 and experimented with the Radical series. Agassi started with the Radical 690 and in fact, went on to use lighter rackets as his career progressed. In 1999, the American player started using the Radical series racket made with titanium.

Four years later, Agassi changed to Radical LM as it had liquid metal technology. During his final year on the ATP Tour in 2006, he changed his racket one last time with the Radical FXP which had better aerodynamics. Fans are still in possession of his rackets and have been selling them online.

In 2018, Head brought back the 1993 Radical series rackets in a limited edition. It included Agassi’s autographs with the racket for the 25-year anniversary of the Radical series, making only 100 units available. Since 1990, some of the top players in the world have used Head and been loyal to it.

Andre Agassi and his historic sponsorship with Head

Agassi won 7 of his 8 Grand Slam titles and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics gold while using a Head racket. The Radical series gained worldwide popularity because of him. The series, even after 32 years, continues to evolve for the present stars to use it.

The Radical series was specifically designed for Agassi. Head made sure to bring technological changes in each edition of its racket. The innovations on the Head rackets over a period of time have helped it bring in more players into the brand.

The 53-year-old paved the way for younger stars to take over the Head rackets. Novak Djokovic, Jannik Sinner, Taylor Fritz, Andrey Rublev, Alexander Zverev and Coco Gauff have been using Head rackets. Djokovic, like Agassi, has used different models of the Head racket.

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