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How Does Andre Agassi Stay Fit in his 50s? American Legend’s 30-Year Workout Plan Revealed

Tanmay Roy

Fans Declare Andre Agassi As The Perfect Husband, Father and Fitness Icon Post Retirement All Courtesy One Viral Instagram Post

Tennis legend Andre Agassi will turn 54 in April 2024 but remains fit as a fiddle. The 8-time Grand Slam winner has been a fan favorite as the ‘Bad Boy’ of the sport for the longest time. Even now, his fans are impressed by his overall physique and conditioning.  Agassi wouldn’t have been able to reach his physical peak if not for his former trainer Gil Reyes and his unique plan for the American icon.

As per a 2010 Men’s Health article, Reyes and Agassi had worked together for 17 years from 1989-2006, when Agassi retired. The exercises that Reyes covered with his student Agassi were mainly stretching, chest, shoulders, legs, cardio, and core.

Agassi stretched using a resistance tubing, which he held for 3 seconds and repeated 10 times. He repeated the entire procedure alternately for backward-leaning and forward-leaning. To build his chest, Agassi used to bench press 315lbs before finishing it with four sets of 7-10 reps.

This helped him power his forehand, backhand, and serve. After that, he lifted 50 lb dumbbells overhead to work on his shoulders. For the triceps and biceps, he used barbells.

Agassi also did 5 sets of 7-10 reps of leg presses, each with 150 lbs. He repeated the same procedure for his quads but with 200 lbs. Squats were an essential part of Agassi’s workout, mainly to work on his core. He did it with a 45 lb plate over his chest, which he did for 5 sets of 10-20 crunches.

In the end, it was cardio that completed his fitness regime. Agassi ran on the hills for short distances and also completed the 320-yard route 8-14 times.

Since Reyes was one of Agassi’s closest friends and confidants, he had no issue listening to him intently and following him every step. This is quite a bit of a shocker since Agassi confessed to Sports Illustrated back in 1992, that he was a fan of Taco Bell, and would eat any junk food with no regard to his diet or fitness. Agassi used to have this carefree diet and lifestyle even after he started playing professionally in 1986.

It wasn’t until 1989 when he started working with Gil Reyes, Agassi changed his routine. To everyone’s bemusement, Agassi had already won 7 ATP titles until then, including 6 in 1988.

Since 1993, Agassi has taken care of his health even more sincerely. So he has been following this plan since the last 30 years.

Before the 1990 French Open finals, Agassi lost 80% of his hair and had to play with pins to tie his wig. He later confessed that in 2009 on The Today Show and wrote about it in his autobiography. Although his hair fall might’ve happened at a young age, Agassi has remained extremely fit for his age now.

After he retired from tennis, Agassi took an interest in ‘Pickleball’, the sport gaining immense and steady popularity in America. He and his tennis superstar wife Steffi Graf have found love in pickleball, something that energizes them and keeps them fit and charged at their age. While quite similar to tennis, pickleball does have its differences.

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After losing over $100 million in a divorce settlement to Brooke Shields once, Andre Agassi is in a peaceful state now.

Andre Agassi looks fit and fresh in his current age

Here are a few pictures of Agassi from recent times, which have gone viral on social media –

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