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Iga Swiatek Names Her Favorite Character From Friends as Memes Flood Twitter for Beating Her Friend at US Open

Atharva Upasani

Iga Swiatek Names Her Favorite Character From Friends as Memes Flood Twitter for Beating Her Friend at US Open

Iga Swiatek defeated Kaja Juvan 6-0, 6-1 to reach the next round of the US Open. Kaja Juvan is Iga Swiatek’s best friend on tour and her ruthless performance against her led to some humor amongst tennis fans. Swiatek is a big fan of the show ‘Friends’ and was asked about the show in her post match conference.

Iga Swiatek is very close friend with Kaja Juvan and the duo are both fan of the show ‘Friends.’ Swiatek recently revealed in an interview that the duo would often watch the show together and that prompted the question about the show Friends to Swiatek in her post match presser.

Iga Swiatek’s love for ‘Friends’

Swiatek and her close friend Kaja Juvan went head to head in the third round of the US Open. The world number 1 demolished the Serbian and served her a bagel in process. The duo are known to be best friends on tour and both are avid fan of the famous TV show Friends.

In the post-match conference, Swiatek was asked about her favorite episode and character from the famous sitcom. The question, in part, arose from her close friendship with Kaja Juvan, with whom she shares not only the love for tennis but also a fondness for the hit sitcom. The Polish star was unable to name her favorite episode but named Phoebe and Monica as her favorite characters.

“Oh, my God, favorite episode. No, I don’t have the exact one. I don’t even have one favorite character, because it’s impossible to choose. When I first watched, my favorite character was Phoebe, then it was Monica. I’m not sure even now. Yeah, I love the show. And Kaja loves it as well actually. We used to watch it together. So, yeah.”

Iga Swiatek’s friendship with Kaja Juvan extends far beyond their rivalry on the tennis court. The playful exchange during the press conference showcased the camaraderie that exists among tennis players, even when the competition is fierce.

The close bond between Iga and Kaja

Iga Swiatek and Kaja Juvan’s friendship is a heartwarming aspect of their lives as professional athletes. They often share moments of laughter, celebration, and mutual support, both on and off the court. The internet, being its creative self, didn’t let this match and Swiatek’s emphatic victory go unnoticed. Memes and jokes flooded social media, celebrating Swiatek’s win over her friend with humor and good spirits.

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