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Top Five Tennis Autobiographies!

Siddharth Nair

The reason why autobiographies are so popular is because of the unique and personal insight that is gives us into the lives of that particular athlete. (Top Five Tennis Autobiographies)

We get to know the intricate details about their lives, how they trained, how difficult it is to sacrifice the things they want for their love of the sport.


Tennis stars are no different as each and every star has a story that can inspire anyone who is read it. Tennis legends such as Nadal, Agassi and McEnroe to name a few have written some autobiographies that have gone down as great books in general.

So which ones make it to our top 5? Here are the Top Five Tennis Autobiographies !

5) John McEnroe – Serious


John McEnroe will go down as one of the greatest tennis personalities to have ever played the beautiful game. (Top Five Tennis Autobiographies)

His frequent on-court outbursts, confrontations with the umpires and abusive behavior made him an extremely divisive character. “You cannot be serious” is the most popular phrase that he came up with.

His book provides an amazing insight into his life as it includes some honest admissions and regret from his tennis career. He does not sugar coat any of the things that he did which is exactly the type of thing that anyone would want to read.

4) Arthur Ashe – Days of Grace


In addition to being a world champion, Arthur Ashe was a social activist, an AIDS victim and most importantly a fighter.

His autobiography is an emotional read as it gives an insight into the life of a legendary tennis player whose life was cut down by a terrible disease. (Top Five Tennis Autobiographies)

Arthur remains the only black man to have won the Wimbledon, Australian Open or the US Open title and to this day is an inspiration to everyone. This book is remembered as a memoir and ode to one of the greatest of all time.

3) Jimmy Conors – The Outsider


Jimmy Conors led an extremely colorful life as a tennis superstar. His battle with addiction is much documented and it is something that he speaks honestly about in this book.

Right from the Chris Evert issue to his marriage with a former Playboy model, the Outsider is a book that has given an in depth account of every issue that plagued Conors’ career. (Top Five Tennis Autobiographies)

One of the great characters of the game, Jimmy Conors has lived a great life and his book gives a fascinating insight in to it.

2) Rafael Nadal – Rafa : My Story


The legendary Spanish champion Rafael Nadal is truly one of the greatest players to have played the game.

His book gives an incredible insight into his life which includes all the high as well as points in not only his career but also his life.

His relationship with Federer is also mentioned which would delight any tennis fan. (Top Five Tennis Autobiographies)

The tale of a kid who became a legend on the court is a must read for all tennis fans.

1) Andre Agassi – Open


By far the best tennis autobiography that has been released till date.

Andre Agassi has had a stellar career and his life could surely be made into a movie someday.

He mentions how he hated the sport that made him a global superstar, often talking about a prison that he wants to escape. (Top Five Tennis Autobiographies)

A must read for all book lovers in general!

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