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Twitter reacts to Renault’s 2019 livery launch

Utkarsh Bhatla

Twitter reacts to Renault's 2019 livery launch

Renault have gone ahead and launched their 2019 season challenger. The new car essentially has the same livery as the 2018 season, with Renault sticking to the famous yellow car.

The 2019 season is supposed to be a big one for the team, as they have invested in Daniel Ricciardo, and would be hoping that the Aussie can help them to a few podium finishes this season.

Ricciardo and Hulkenberg will form an able partnership for Renault, and the team would be hoping that the developments made over the winter can help the team close the gap on the top 3.

“We feel ready, we feel it is the right time to show you all what has been going on in the background of the last three years and are extremely proud of,”Cyril Abiteboul said as quoted

“When you walk around Enstone you feel the passion and dedicated to racing.

“The first phase of the plan was regeneration as you have seen. You will see pretty much every single area of the factory has been improved if not completely transformed, from wind tunnel instrumentation, manufacturing, milling machines, clean room, race bays, every single area improved in order to compete on the same level as the best.

“In Viry it has been a bit more tactical, some recruitment here or there, some equipment we will be commissioning in a few weeks, a brand new state-of-the-art dyno fully compatible with the 2021 regulations, plus a new building venture that should come out of the ground in 2020.

“Hopefully by 2020 we should get there with brand new engine workshop. We’ve invested a lot in Enstone and we ill be investing in Viry.” he added.

This is how Twitter reacted to the announcement

What do you think of the new Renault livery?

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