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“Colby Covington vs Alex Pereira Book It”: UFC Fans Go Wild After ‘Poatan’ and Polyana Viana’s Viral Picture Fuels Relationship Speculation

Kevin Binoy

“Colby Covington Punching Air”: Alex Pereira Pictured With UFC 297 Star Polyana Viana Fuel Relationship Speculation Among Fans

In a little over three years, Alex Pereira has achieved things that most UFC fighters only dream of. In order to accomplish these goals, Pereira has had a dedicated team behind him supporting him. One member of his team is someone Alex Pereira is often linked with. While ‘Poatan’ has denied any relationship rumors with Polyana Viana, a recent picture of the two prior to UFC 300 has fans believing otherwise.

A picture posted by ‘Spinnin Backfist’ on Twitter has caused an uproar among fans. In the picture, UFC strawweight Polyana Viana and Alex Pereira are seen together before he steps into the octagon to face Jamahal Hill. The caption on the post said, “MMA’s #1 couple.”. Needless to say, fans had some interesting things to add while reacting to this post, with some referring to Viana’s alleged relationship with Colby Covington as well:

One fan took offence to the caption saying, “Max and his wife beg to differ”

Another fan had the same sentiment saying, “@BlessedMMA clears I’m afraid.”

“Covington is in shambles rn”- a fan poked fun at Colby Covington

“COVINGTON VS PERREIRA BOOK IT”– another fan suggested a drastic solution to the fight over Polyana Viana.

A fan commented on the couple’s photo saying, “Bro’s winning in life.”

Another fan commented saying, “Bro could do a lot better but he seems happy so thats good.”

“Colbum calling the cops after this one”– fans were relentless in their pursuit to troll Colby Covington.

Polyana Viana has been linked to the likes of Colby Covington and Alex Pereira in the UFC. However, is there any truth to these rumors?

Polyana Viana dating Alex Pereira or Colby Covington?

Polyana Viana and Alex Pereira are training partners and good friends. Viana is often seen sparring with Pereira’s sons and being there as a friend for Pereira supporting him during the biggest fights of his career. There is no confirmation that the relationship between the two is anything more than a platonic one at this point in time.

On the flip side, Viana and Covington appear to have had a relationship. Both individuals have on multiple occasions made NSFW claims about each other. There is no information on how long this relationship lasted. However, it doesn’t seem like Covington and Vianna have any kind of relationship with each other now.

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