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Joe Rogan Ranks Hollywood Star Terrence Howard’s Conversation on JRE Among the ‘Most Interesting’ Podcasts Ever

Allan Binoy

Joe Rogan Ranks Hollywood Star Terrence Howard's Conversation on JRE Among the 'Most Interesting' Podcasts Ever

Over the years of hosting a podcast, Joe Rogan has met people from all walks of life, had in-depth conversations with them, and quite a few controversial ones too. He’s had people from a thousand different walks of life but now, after speaking to actor Terrence Howard, Rogan has only called it the most interesting chats he’s ever had.

Wait what? What did Terrence Howard say to Rogan that was more interesting than some of his most famous guests like Alex Jones and Joey Diaz? Well, it would appear after conversing with the Empire actor, Rogan believes his ideas would change the world.

In a recent Instagram post, the UFC commentator praised Howard for his brilliance.

“One of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had, with the great and powerful @theterrencehoward…..he’s clearly brilliant, and if he’s right it’s going to change the world.”



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The episode is not out yet and this is of course promotional material.  That said, Rogan has promised the fans a wild podcast episode when it drops.

The JRE podcast is one of the most viewed podcasts in the world and has been graced by the likes of Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, The Undertaker, and Robert Downey Jr. to name a few. Each has their quirks and own ideas and Rogan encourages them to talk about it openly.

The only issue is, that sometimes speaking freely results in making absurd statements. So keeping up with the format of the show, Terrence Howard has made an absurd claim about his first memory of being alive.

Terrence Howard tells Joe Rogan he remembers being in his mother’s womb

The Hollywood star has made a lot of bold claims while on the podcast, including remembering what it was like inside his mother’s womb. Now even if you do, why would tell people about it?

Women were called witches and burned at the stake for doing maths in the 15th century but in the 21st, it’s apparently fine to claim to remember the insides of your mother’s womb.

Despite the tone, we assure you that this is not an Onion article. Terrence Howard really did say that.

“Almost like when you’re dreaming and you’re falling and you hit the bottom and you wake up. That was my first memory, but I didn’t wake up here, I was in my mother’s womb.”

Fans in the comments section who watched the episode had interesting reactions. Some believed every word of what Terrence Howard said, while others claimed he was on drugs. While that could be considered slander, given the circumstances, it could be construed as an educated guess.

Either way, Rogan’s claim of it being one of the most interesting podcast episodes was true.

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