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UFC Star Renato Moicano Calls Out Joe Rogan for Leaving His Team on ‘Seen’ Following Podcast Invitation

Allan Binoy

UFC Star Renato Moicano Calls Out Joe Rogan for Leaving His Team on 'Seen' Following Podcast Invitation

Renato Moicano had a big fight at the UFC 300 weekend, where he secured yet another win, defeating Jalin Turner in the second round. This was his third straight win, and Moicano hopped back on the ‘Show Me The Money’ podcast after the fight, alongside Gilbert Burns. However, one thing was missing, which upset the Brazilian fighter.

Moicano wanted Joe Rogan to be a part of the podcast. The latter’s own podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, is incredibly popular, which explains why Moicano wanted to join hands with him. As soon as the episode started, he only had one question in mind:

“Where is Joe Rogan, my brother? Where is Joe f*cking Rogan?”


His co-host, Burns, then revealed that they tagged him on Instagram and also sent a Direct Message. However,  Rogan left them on read and did not respond to it. Renato Moicano then called him out for showing no respect.

Moicano’s comments were not aimed at disrespecting Rogan, as he knows how busy the UFC commentator is. But Moicano is very serious about his podcast. In fact, during his Octagon interview with Joe Rogan, he shouted out his podcast and invited him on it.

Renato Moicano’s invitation to Joe Rogan

Renato Moicano does not shy away from speaking his mind. The Brazilian has no filter when it comes to what he wants to say and after stopping Jalin Turner in the second round at UFC 300, he said:

“The name is Show Me the Money and on Monday my guest will be Joe Rogan. You can not refuse, the people want to see you on my podcast.”

Renato Moicano then went on to call himself the best lightweight fighter in the world. His performance last weekend put the division on notice. His ultimate aim is to win UFC gold. However, to do that he will have to climb up in ranking and fight better opponents.

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