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Virat Kohli discloses the secret behind his brand value

Chaithanya Sagar
|Sun Nov 12 2017

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is one of the best marketable athletes in the world. He is a familiar figure who has carved out a unique identity for himself as a successful person.

Virat Kohli who is in the rhythm of his life is just getting better day by day has been named as the third most marketable athlete according to a sports magazine.

He is well ahead of footballing superstar Lionel Messi and Tennis great Novak Djokovic in terms of brand value. He has revealed the glimpses behind his brand equity.

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Kohli said that his PUMA agreement happened alongside MRF deal and the overall deal is estimated about USD 120 million. According to him, these are just numbers for him.

“Well the Puma deal happened alongside MRF deal and my brand value should be somewhere in the region of USD 120 million.

But these are just numbers for me and this is something that my management informs me about,” Kohli said in a candid interview with CricketNext. 

Indian skipper added that those incredible numbers are not something that he targets but an additional thing that he does apart from his main career.

“It is not something that I strive for. It is just a by-product of something that I do in my professional career and the focus always remains that.

But yes, these things are an important facet of your life as well and I have a strong management team who are doing a good job,” Kohli said.

Kohli’s management brings out the best in them. He said that he is part of every deal and he doesn’t take every of it lightly.

“I am part of every deal and no deal is blindly signed. And my management also doesn’t bring anything to the table that doesn’t connect to me.

But still, it is subject to something that I like or not. A brand may be very big but the campaign that they are willing to do or the creative freedom might not be there,” Kohli said.

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