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WATCH : MS Dhoni talks to Pandya from behind the stumps

Siddharth Nair

Dhoni’s influence over the matches have slowly started increasing over the last few months. After giving up the captaincy, Mahi had taken a back seat in most of the games, as Kohli was dictating everything as the new captain.

But over the last few matches, we can slowly see Dhoni getting more and more involved in the match proceedings. He is now in constant consultation with Kohli, as the pair discuss almost everything that happens on the field.

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Dhoni also controls the field setting for the spinners, as he is constantly seen chatting with the bowlers. He also talks to the fielders, and is always on the look out for any changes that he could make for the benefit of the team.

In one instance yesterday, Dhoni was heard instructing Pandya to make some changes in his fielding positions.

Clearly, Dhoni is being a much bigger player for Kohli which is frankly the correct way to go. There is no point in having one of the greatest skippers of all time in your side if you do not want to use him.

Kudos for Kohli for letting him feel like ‘Captain Cool’ again!

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