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WATCH : Roger Federer puts on a kilt as he faces Andy Murray in a charity match

Mahalakshmi Murali

The Swiss maestro, Roger Federer put on a Kilt against Andy Murray during a charity match in Glasgow, Scotland to aid the UNICEF and the local children’s charities. Murray hasn’t stepped on the professional tennis courts since 2017 Wimbledon and the Brit dressed up as Tam o’ Shanter complete with a ginger wig.

Federer wanted to inculcate some Scottish spirits in his match and was obliged to put on a kilt. The Swiss ace played one game in the second set wearing a kilt (a woman’s dress) donated by an individual from the audience. He won the game 40-15 before giving the dress back.

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Murray played the final few points of the match in a patriotic Scottish hat. “I played very well in it and when I took it off, I felt naked!” Federer joked after the match. Federer surpassed Murray 3-6 6-3 (5-10) in the charity event.

Murray is all set to make an earnest comeback in 2018 tennis season in Australia. He has been hitting the gym and taking up physiotherapy sessions to cure his injury. Murray was overwhelmed with is performance against Federer and aims to improvise upon his tennis skills.

‘I was just really happy to be out here again. I thought it went pretty well. For the first match in that long, it was great. I felt pretty good – not perfect, but moving in the right direction.’ said Murray.

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