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“We apologise unreservedly”: Tottenham Issue Apology For Joining The European Super League

Gautam Kapoor

Tottenham Issue Apology For Joining The European Super League: The club also announced that it would be including supporters in its decision making process

The fact that the European Super League was a colossal mistake is well accepted now. Ever since the league was announced by 12 founding members, the world of football erupted in calamitous protests as supporters around the globe united against the ESL.

The contentious backlash lead to the immediate withdrawal of all Premier League sides from the competition. However, the six clubs to have thrown their name in the fray of the Super League have continued to draw the ire of their club’s supporters.

Tottenham Announce Inclusion Of Supporters

In the wake of the widespread tirade against the Premier League clubs, owners and club management have come out to publicly apologise for their actions. Tottenham have become the latest club to issue an apology for deciding to go ahead with their Super League plans.

The club also announced a latest development in a bid to placate its seething supporters. Much like its peers, Tottenham revealed that they would be getting on supporter bodies on board to be a part of the decision making at the club in the impending future.

“We should have challenged and reconsidered the annual access system. We wholeheartedly regret that we involved the Club and that the legal process itself meant we were unable to consult our fans early on – we apologise unreservedly,” Tottenham said in a statement issued by the club.

“We have all learnt lessons from recent events and have reviewed fan engagement as a priority. As a result we shall be liaising with key stakeholders and establishing a Club Advisory Panel, comprised of elected representatives from the different constituencies of our fanbase, inclusive and reflective of our fans’ diversity. The Chair of this Panel will be appointed annually as a full Non-Executive of the Club Board. We believe this provides for authentic, genuine representation and will ensure fans are at the heart of Club decision-making, something we greatly welcome.

Tottenham are currently in the midst of a massive crisis. Not only is the club trying to recompose for the damage done by the Super League but is also scouring for a permanent manager to take over at the club.

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