When does Episode 6 start in Valorant? When does Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 end?

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published January 10, 2023

Each Valorant season and battle pass comes with exciting rewards for players. Episode 5 Act 3 started in October and has just concluded. The new season, ‘Episode 6,’ will start in a short while. Players can expect a maintenance break after which the new update will be rolled out.

Episode 6 in Valorant will come with a host of new features like a new map and the return of Split which will replace Bind and Breeze.

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When does Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 end?

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Episode 5 of Valorant has finally come to an end on January 10, 2023, after running for six months. In these six months, players got to see exciting battle passes, which came with rewards and skin bundles. Along with that, players also saw the arrival of new Agents.

Before the onset of the new Episode, players will see their ranks get reset and the grind will begin again. However, it is to be kept in mind that players will not be able to play competitive matches in between updates. However, Custom Games, Unrated, and Spike Rush are accessible to players. Players can comfortably warm up before they enter the new Episode.

When does Episode 6 start in Valorant?

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Since the previous Episode has ended, players can expect Episode 6 to roll out on January 10, 2023. Players can track the server status from Riot Games’ website. Players should collect any remaining Battle Pass rewards and gear up for the new season.

The patch notes of the new season sheds a lot of light on what the game is going to look like. The game will see the arrival of Lotus, the new Valorant map, and the return of Split. The new season will also have a rank reset and players who wish to engage in competitive matches will have to play five matches for the competitive queue to start.

Besides this, a new Battle Pass will also be introduced. Players can obtain it for 1000 VP and enjoy the rewards. A new skin bundle called Araxys will also be introduced and will be available for 8,700 VP.

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