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WWE Clash of Champions results: Title Changes, surprise returns and shocking victories

Archie Blade

WWE Clash of Champions results: Title Changes, surprise returns and shocking victories

WWE Clash of Champions results: Title Changes, surprise returns and shocking victories make for an interesting WWE Pay per View.

WWE Clash of Champions is in the record books now with some interesting results. The event has concluded and while there were not a whole lot of progression in terms of story-telling, it was still a good show to watch.

In total there were 11 matches scheduled for the event, of which 10 were title matches. Despite the stakes though, WWE found it hard to shake of the predictability surrounding the results barring a couple of times when the booking seemed questionable.

Let us take a look at the WWE Clash of Champions results

Drew Gulak © vs Lince Dorado vs Humberto Carrilo (Cruiserweight Championship)

This was a good opening match that helped warm the audience up during the kick off. As is usual with the Cruiserweight matches, the match was fast paced and frantic. The only drawback to this match was its finish.

First, Carrilo landed an awful Aztec Press on Dorado. After that, Gulak’s attempt at rolling Dorado up, saw the referee informing him that Dorado’s shoulders weren’t both down before the pin was counted. Gulak may have walked back with the title but he surely won’t be too impressed by his showing in the event.

AJ Styles © vs Cedric Alexander (United States Championship)

Cedric Alexander was made to look like a star in front of his hometown crowd. He scored a couple of near falls to give faint hopes of an incredible upset. However, AJ Styles eventually pulled the match back and hit him with two Styles Clash, not because he needed to but because he wanted to.

The U.S Champion pinned Alexander to retain his championship and then motioned for Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to join in on the beatdown. An almost flawless match that did its part. One drawback to this match was the fact that this was on the pre-show instead of the main show.

Seth Rollins © and Braun Strowman © vs Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler (Raw Tag Team Championship)

The first match on the main card was probably the most predictable of them all. With Rollins and Braun set to face each other in the main event, it was very obvious that they would lose their tag titles. The unusual pairing came to an end after Braun Strowman accidentally bulldozed Roode into Rollins.

The Universal Champion was sent crashing to the turnbuckle. Ziggler pulled Strowman out of the ring after which Rollins was easy pickings. Roode attacked Rollins with a glorious DDT to win the title. An angry Strowman left Rollins in the middle of the ring and cut a promo on him regarding their match later in the night.

Bayley © vs Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Bayley cemented her heel turn further in this match as she beat Charlotte in front her home crowd. The match lasted a little over 5 minutes with Charlotte dominating for more than 90% of it.

A beaten down Bayley slowly exposed the turnbuckle and sneakily slammed Charlotte into it. A quick 3 pin later, Bayley fled with her SmackDown championship.

The New Day © vs The Revival (Smack Down Tag Team Championship)

Another decent match on the card. The Revival and New day fought a good match with decent story telling. Much of the match was about the Revival taking advantage of Xavier Woods’ left knee injury.

The duo even refused to pin him despite hitting the shatter machine before finally tapping him out with an inverted figure four leg lock.

Alexa Bliss © and Nikki Cross © vs Fire and Desire (Women’s Tag Team Championship)

This was another one of those matches that was decent to watch but offered nothing out of the ordinary. There was a brief moment when R-Truth was chased into the ring for the 24/7 championship and it looked like Bliss would dethrone Truth, but not a lot happened after Truth left the ring.

With Bliss knocked out from a Total Elimination knee-strike finisher, Cross stepped up and won the match for her and Alexa after planting a swinging fisherman’s neck breaker on Mandy Rose with her legs on the top rope.

Shinsuke Nakamure © vs The Miz (Intercontinental Championship)

A fairly average match for a fairly average storyline. Sami Zayn, who wore a neck brace, was out for commentary, at least until his mic was cut. After that he was a constant presence in the match. His interference ensured the Miz taking a knee to the back of his head.

The Miz looked set for the win after hitting Nakamura with a Skull Crushing Finale. However, Zayn distracted the referee to deny him a victory. He then chased him outside only to catch a kick to the face from Nakamura before the Intercontinental Champion hit him with the Kinsasha to win the match.

Becky Lynch © vs Sasha Banks (Raw Women’s Championship)

This was a good physical match between two talented women who are currently on fire with the crowd. The disqualification was almost a certainty considering this isn’t the right time for Becky to lose her title and Banks shouldn’t embark on a loss so close to her comeback.

However, the two really bought it in the middle of the ring to light the night up. From the ringing of the bell to beyond it, this was arguably the best match of the night. The match ended after Lynch accidentally hit the referee with a chair.

Lynch then launched an all-out assault on Banks that lasted a good duration with Lynch getting the upper hand, setting up seeds for the eventual pay off in the future.

Kofi Kingston © vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

There were too many things wrong about this much. For starters, it was a very slow match that lasted a little too long. The fact that it followed the fast-paced brutality between Banks and Lynch just made it even worse.

To make matters worse, Orton lost cleanly to Kingston despite dominating all of the match. It just seemed beyond belief. To be fair, the fans were done with this match by the middle and were already beginning to look forward to the main event instead.

Roman Reigns vs Erick Rowan (No Disqualification)

Not many would have watched the show thinking that Erick Rowan would pick up a win against Roman Reigns. However, that is exactly what happened at Clash of Champions. Albeit with a little help from the surprise return of Luke Harper, who was dressed exactly as Rowan.

Harper hit Reigns with a discuss clothesline to take advantage of the no disqualification stipulation before Rowan finished the match with an Iron Claw Slam to register the most surprising result of the night.

Seth Rollins © vs Braun Strowman (Universal Championship)

This match played out like a video game wherein Rollins spammed his finisher to pick up a victory against the Monster among men. A pedigree and 4 stomps are what it took to finally slay the monster. Rollins himself inexplicably kicked out of a Frog Splash delivered by Strowman.

The overpowered booking of Rollins earned him boos from the crowd who were more than happy to see him manhandled by The Fiend, who made a late run in after the match to halt Rollins’ celebration. This will likely begin a program between the two that will likely take place at Hell in the cell.

This was all the WWE Clash of Champions Results from the event on Sunday.

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