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WWE Extreme Rules 2019: All Matches and Predictions

Archie Blade

WWE Extreme Rules 2019: All Matches and Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules 2019: All Matches and Predictions. The SportsRush presents to you the matches, predictions and storylines for the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View. 

WWE Extreme Rules is a WWE pay-per-view that consists of matches contested under hardcore wrestling regulations.  The show will feature matches that have resulted from storylines they produce on their weekly television and network shows:  Raw, SmackDown and 205 live.

At Present WWE have announced 10 matches for the event. Here are the matches and our predictions:

Kofi Kingston © Vs Samoa Joe (WWE Championship)

Samoa Joe ambushed Kofi Kingston on an episode of Raw and declared himself the next in line to challenge Kofi for the WWE Championship. Joe followed the ambush by handing Kingston his first loss since wrestlemania by choking him out in a 6-man tag team match. Kingston got his retribution a week later when Joe talked him down while offering a mock peace offering. Kingston flipped Joe off and laid him out with a Trouble in Paradise.

Prediction- Samoa Joe wins. As fun as Kofi’s reign has been, it’s hard to see Joe lose another WWE Championship; Not after all the loses he took against AJ Styles last year. He probably lost his U.S Championship to Ricochet so he could move up the card and take over from Kofi Kingston and establish his reign of terror in WWE. If he doesn’t win then the WWE risks turning Joe to Bray Wyatt 2.0; Someone who talks a good game but fails to deliver when it matters most.

Seth Rollins © and Becky Lynch © Vs Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans (Winners take all, Extreme Rules match)

It feels like Stomping Grounds was held just to put this match together. Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch will partner at Extreme Rules to take on Baron Corbin. The champions have placed their titles on the line. Meaning if either of Lynch or Rollins loses, they both drop their titles.

Prediction- No way Rollins and Lynch are losing their first Pay per View match as a couple. The two champions should come out victorious and pull the plug on this lacklustre feud. Perhaps Rollins will then focus on Brock Lesnar once again while Charlotte finds her way back into the title picture. Let’s be honest, this is uncharacteristic of WWE, keeping Charlotte of TV and the title picture for so long. We all know it’s coming. Don’t even try to deny.

Roman Reigns and The Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre (No holds barred match)

Roman Reigns has been embroiled in a feud with Shane McMahon since his move to SmackDown after Wrestlemania. However, the big dog has failed to get the big W over McMahon. In their only singles match, Reigns ended up staring at the lights, albeit with a little help from Drew McIntyre. Roman then beat McIntyre despite Shane’s interference. The two then ganged up on Reigns the next night on Raw. The Undertaker then made a surprise appearance at Raw to come to the aid of Raw. Soon a tag team match between them was announced.

Prediction- Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre win. If reports are true, then this match is probably setting up 2 SummerSlam singles clashes. Roman Reigns Vs Shane McMahon and The Undertaker Vs Drew McIntyre. The match could see The Undertaker and McIntyre taking their fight outside of the ring trying to escalate the tension between them and establish a reason for their future feud. While inside the ring, Shane could resort to shenanigans and pin Roman for the victory, taking their feud all the way to SummerSlam where Roman will finally get his win back.

Bayley © Vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (2 on 1 handicap SmackDown women’s championship)

Alexa Bliss lost her title opportunity against Bayley at Stomping Grounds owing to a Nikki Cross involvement. Cross tried to make amends and defeated Bayley to hand Bliss another title opportunity. Nikki Cross then handed another gift to Bliss as she defeated Bayley in a beat the clock challenge to choose the stipulation of the Title match. Cross chose the handicap stipulation so she could directly contribute to Bliss’s 6th championship victory.

Prediction- Bayley retains. There are a couple of ways the WWE can achieve this without making either of the wrestlers looking week. Option 1, Sasha Bank returns and helps even the odds. Option 2, Nikki realises that Alexa is merely using her as a pawn. Bayley takes advantage of the infighting and walks out still the WWE SamckDown Women’s Champion.

Ricochet © Vs AJ Styles (United States Championship)

AJ Styles fought Ricochet in a non-title match and got the better of the newly crowned United States Champion. AJ received a title shot against Ricochet next week. This time however, the phenomenal one ended up on the losing side. Styles then realigned himself with his club buddies, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and turned heel. The trio then ganged up on Ricochet and knocked him out.

Prediction- AJ Styles wins. I’m not a fan of short title reigns, but you know who are? The WWE. As hard as it is to envision Ricochet losing on his first Pay-per-view defense, it’s harder to see Styles lose just after reforming The Club. Styles may win the championship at Extreme Rules, just to lose it back at SummerSlam.

Braun Strowman Vs Bobby Lashley (Last Man Standing)

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley’s were randomly announced to face each other at Super Showdown more than a month ago. The two have since participated in two matches, one that exceeded expectations and the other that was literally and figuratively explosive. They have also had Arm-wrestling and tug of war competitions. The 2 will now finally settle matters at Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing match.

Prediction- Braun Strowman wins. Strowman has won all but once (Their no-contest on Raw being the only match he didn’t win) against Lashley since their feud began. There is nothing that suggests that Lashley will see a change in his fortunes at Extreme Rules.

The Revival © Vs The Usos (Raw Tag Team Championship)

The two have been going at it since The Usos were drafted to Raw. They were involved in Juvenile angles before but thankfully the WWE came back to it’s senses and booked two of their best tag teams in actual wrestling matches. The two are scheduled to face each other for the Raw Tag team championships for the first time in their feud this Sunday.

Prediction- The Usos win. The Revival truly deserve the pole position they are at right now in the WWE. However, recent events suggest that the WWE is planning to put the titles back on the Usos. This could help take their feud to SummerSlam where the Usos could retain and finally bring the feud to an end.

Daniel Bryan © and Erick Rowan © Vs The New Day Vs Heavy Machinery (SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan beat Heavy Machinery at Stomping grounds. They were then scheduled to face The New Day, despite the New Day losing to kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Heavy machinery worked their way into the match after overcoming Owens and Dolph Ziggler to make their match a triple threat encounter.

Prediction- Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan retain. Daniel Bryan could easily revitalize the tag team scene in WWE. He is on the path right now but given enough time, Bryan can bring back some prestige to the SmackDown tag team championships. For that to happen though, Bryan needs a long reign to give him enough time to spread his wings and fly with the division on his back.

Aleister Black Vs Cesaro

Aleister Black has been clamoring for an opponent since his move to SmackDown and someone has finally answered. Cesaro will take on Black in what is easily a match of the candidate night.

Prediction- Aleister Black wins. This is his re-debut sort of. As good as Cesaro is, we all know he’s only there to help establish Black. That is not a problem though as long as the WWE give them enough time create magic between the ropes.

Drew Gulak (c) Vs Tony Nese (Cruiserweight Championship)

Tony Nese took on Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa in a triple threat match at the pre-show of Stomping grounds in an amazing match. Gulak won the purple prize by pinning Tozawa. On the Tuesday after, Tony Nese overcame Tozawa to earn his rematch for the Cruiserweight championship at Extreme Rules.

Prediction- Drew Gulak Wins. The New champion deserves an extended reign at the top of the purple brand. He’s earned it.

Possible matches

The IIconics © vs Kabuki Warriors (Women’s tag-team championship)

The Kabuki Warriors beat The IIconics in Tokyo to earn a title shot. There has been no mention of this on T.V though. However, the WWE do need pre-show matches and sadly this could be one. The Kabuki warriors deserve to be on the main-show and are absolutely deserving candidates based on merit alone. However, the way they have been handled, they’ll surely be glad to even be handed an opportunity to feature on the pre-show.

Finn Balor Vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Intercontinental Championship)

On to another Japanese, Shinsuke Nakamura. The former U.S Champion defeated Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor in a non-title match. If Joe, Bliss, The New Day, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans can earn title matches despite losing their previous match then surely Nakamura is owed a title opportunity against Balor at Extreme Rules right?

Extreme Rules will take place on July 14, 2019, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It will stream live on the WWE network.

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