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Carlito WWE Return Update: Reported Backstage Reaction to the Return of “Carribean Cool” at WWE Backlash Revealed

Yasser Ayaz

Carlito WWE return

WWE’s recent Backlash pay-per-view from Puerto Rico has surpassed almost everyone’s expectations. From surprise returns to high-flying action to blood, the event had everything. However, what no one anticipated to happen at Backlash 2023 was the WWE return of former superstar Carlito. Fans were stunned to see “The Caribbean Bad Apple” in action during the “San Juan Street Fight” between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest.

Apparently, it’s not just the fans who seem pleased to see the return of Carlito at WWE Backlash 2023. The company’s higher-ups are also elated with the way the whole panned out. A recent report has provided some backstage details on the former star’s recent appearance.

WWE higher-ups see the Backlash return of Carlito as “even better than expected”

Fightful Select, in its recent report, revealed the aftermath of the return of Carlito at WWE Backlash 2023. It shed light on some major details about how the former star’s return was seen backstage.

According to the report, WWE sources are very happy with the return of Carlito at Backlash PPV. Backstage, many people noted how much the former US champion has matured since his last run. Fightful also revealed how the crowd reaction he got has been seen.

And it seems WWE management wasn’t expecting Carlito to get such a huge pop on his return at Backlash. The report stated that they felt the crowd response was even better than expected.

“Another spot that WWE sources were very happy with was the return of Carlito. Several backstage spoke about how much Carlito had matured since his WWE run, and said that the reaction from the crowd was even better than expected.” 

As per the report, before Backlash 2023, WWE had approached Carlito for a return a few times. In fact, in the last couple of years, he was also asked to have full-time runs. As to his recent appearance, Fightful stated it was just a one-off one but can always change.

The Caribbean Bad Apple has been drawing huge social media views for WWE with his recent cameo

As noted above, Carlito’s return to the Puerto Rico event has taken everyone by surprise. The proof of that can be seen in the storm he has brought on social media. The former star has been trending ever since the appearance.

In fact, his return video alone has gained insane numbers on the Internet. WWE took to its official Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and posted the clip. And in over a day, it has received over 7 million views, which is incredible.

Nevertheless, it seems the entire wrestling world has given Carlito a very warm welcome. Obviously, there’s a wish to see more of him, which might lead to many things. Considering how WWE higher-ups are happy, who knows, the former star might soon get a contract offer.

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