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Real reason why WWE debuted RAW Underground

Archie Blade

Real reason why WWE debuted RAW Underground

Real reason why WWE debuted RAW Underground; a strange hybrid between Fight Club and mixed martial arts featuring wrestlers fighting in a ropeless ring.

The WWE unveiled a new concept on RAW this week. The fight club inspired MMA themed extravaganza saw wrestlers take on each other in what seemed like an anything goes match. The segment also featured Dabba Koto; a 7-foot giant who made easy work of two guys he fought back to back.

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Despite the freshness and the willingness to venture into the unknown, RAW Underground garnered mixed reactions. Most fans were left confused with the execution of the project. To many, it felt like it was something the WWE threw together at the last minute. However, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio has hinted that it is actually something they’ve had in mind for a little while now.

Real reason why WWE debuted RAW Underground

“The reality is that they were going to do the lowest number ever because look at the last two weeks,” Meltzer said. “They had to try something different.’

“They have been under the gun, and that investors call, and even before the investors call, they knew going in because they had a meeting, you know the writing team, and Vince had a meeting on Wednesday before the investors call. So, it’s before Vince got grilled, he already had the meeting and, you know the only thing they basically came up with or agreed on was Shane McMahon would come in and do the fight thing, and Randy Orton and Ric Flair would do an angle for next week as it didn’t happen tonight, and that was it.’

“Today was complete chaos, to the point that, a lot of guys who usually don’t see things as being bad, really did as they could see how. Okay, so the whole thing is that they were just going to throw a whole bunch of stuff against the wall and hope something sticks. That’s really where we’re at right now, and that’s what tonight’s show was, throw a whole bunch of stuff on the wall and maybe find something that’s a hit.”

The WWE need to be applauded for the sheer courage it took to attempt something so different. It may not have got the desired reaction so far. RAW Underground however, has the potential to be the USP for the show; even if for a little while. However, the execution of the segments and its relevance to the show will have to improve in the coming weeks.

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Archie Blade

Archie Blade


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