Several Wrestling Bodies Announce Their Severance With Davey Richards After Domestic Violence Allegations

Rishabh Singh
|Published 19/03/2023

Wrestling legend Davey Richards is shrouded with controversies. Richards is famously known for his stint with ROH, NJPW, and TNA. The 40-year-old wrestler announced his retirement from wrestling amidst the allegations of domestic violence against him. Ever since the news came to light, several wrestling industries have severed ties with the former ROH Champion. At present, Richards was signed to Major League Wrestling. Aside from being signed to MLW, the former National Openweight Champion was a head trainer at Team Ambition wrestling school. 

The wrestling veteran has denied the allegations so far but has deactivated his Twitter account. In a court document screenshot circulating on the internet, Davey’s unnamed ex-partner has alleged that the wrestler “engaged in inappropriate and unreasonable behavior, including significant use of cocaine and other substances and domestic violence (toward a different partner)”. 

Several pro wrestling organizations sever ties with Davey Richards

Davey Richards’ marred reputation has occasioned many wrestling organizations to take a decisive step. In the wake of the domestic violence accusations, several wrestling bodies have distanced themselves from Davey Richards. Team Ambition wrestling school in St. Louis took to Twitter to announce that they will no longer be affiliated with the wrestling veteran. 

Similarly, Prestige Wrestling in New Jersey and St. Louis Anarchy also announced they have parted ways with Davey Richards. Davey Richards was slated to compete in the main event on April 14th in St. Louis Anarchy. The wrestling territory took to Twitter to announce that a new main event will be in the works. 

Fightful Select reported that STL Anarchy sacked Richards on the grounds of disorderly conduct. 

Davey Richards “cancels” himself and steps away from pro wrestling

It’s worth noting that Davey Richards has adamantly denied the allegations against him so far. He also sent out a statement to PWInsider addressing the situation.

In his statement, Richards stated that although he is “adamantly” denying the allegations, he sees fit to step away from wrestling to not “tarnish” the integrity of the sport. He also noted that no charges are filed against him, but “canceling” himself would be the right thing to do. 

“The pic being posted of my wife’s eye is from training and we regulatory train in martial arts as many of the students have have got black eyes and such.

Again, no charges were filed and I deny these allegations but I must do what is right and not what I want.

So I am canceling myself.

This great sport is far too wonderful for anyone, including myself to tarnish it.”

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