Nick Khan Bats for His Boss Vince McMahon on S*xual Assault Allegations

Rishabh Singh
|Published 22/01/2023

The series of sexual allegations against Vince McMahon led him to retire abruptly from his position of power last year in July. McMahon stepped down from his role after the Board members investigated his “hush money” scandal, wherein he paid multiple women millions to hush up his s*xual affairs and misconduct. Following his retirement, Nick Khan became the CEO alongside Stephanie McMahon as the Co-CEO, and Triple H assumed control of Creative.

However, after five months of absence, Vince made his vigorous return to the company as the Executive Chairman of the Board. Since McMahon was the largest shareholder, he elected himself back to the Board of Directors and also brought back George Barrios and Michelle Wilson.

Also, the primary objective of McMahon’s return to the product was to facilitate the sale of the company.

According to a recent report, WWE has been sold to Saudi Arabia’s PIF. Following the news, Stephanie McMahon stepped down from her position as the Co-CEO. Although McMahon’s return was met with an uproar, he still has his supporters. WWE CEO Nick Khan commented on the ongoing sexual allegations against Vince McMahon. 

Nick Khan defends Vince McMahon on s*xual assault allegations

Speaking on the Bill Simmons podcast, WWE CEO Nick Khan addressed his take on the sexual assault allegations against Vince McMahon. Khan first supported Vince’s move to re-install former co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson back on the Board, stating that “they know the company” and are “insiders”.

Khan then proceeded to bat for his boss on his s*xual assault allegations. According to him, McMahon was not charged with the allegations back in the day because it was acceptable then as opposed to the modern day. 

“I think over time you can evolve with these things and the modern-day rules should apply to modern day. I don’t think it should apply to the past.”

Nick Khan predicted Vince McMahon’s return

Nick Khan further stated that he always knew that Vince would eventually return. According to him, he and Stephanie McMahon saw Vince’s return coming beforehand. Khan also applauded Vince’s move to use his controlling shareholder power to strong-arm his way back into his company.

He further added that “WWE is Vince” and “Vince is WWE”.

“From the inside, it’s not that insane to me…my thought has always been ‘there’s only one boss at WWE and it ain’t me.’ It was always my point of view, always Stephanie’s point of view that he would, at some point, come back. I think the way that he played it, to me, was smart.” Said Khan.

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