4 reasons why Mitchell Starc is the next big thing

Shikhar Mahalwala
|Published August 24, 2016

On a fresh day of cricket, a batsman comes out to bat, takes his stance and looks up. The next thing he hears is the voice of the timber right beside his feet. He has no other option but to be in awe of the bowler. We are talking about the bowler with the fierce pace, Mitchell Starc. Starc has not only generated a fan base in Australia and abroad but his ardent fans also include the greats of the game. Here at The SportsRush, we look at the 4 reasons why Mitchell Starc is the next big thing.

1) Those Swinging Yorkers

Yorkers are one of the reasons why Starc is the next big thing.
Deadly yorkers are one of the reasons why Starc is the next big thing.


As a batsman you just hope that you don’t face Starc in the first place. But if you do you wish those swinging Yorkers don’t come. But eventually they come. And then it’s all about the leather hitting the timber while the willow is ignored. That is the kind of precision the man has. Whether it’s bowling up the order or to the tail, his will and dedication towards bowling those deadly yorkers is unparalleled.

The lethalness of the Yorker is only comparable to Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka who is more about deception and change of pace than speed. Starc is synonymous to Raw-Pace.

One of the reasons why Starc is the next big thing.

2) The Urge to Succeed


The willingness to succeed cannot be generated, neither can it be learned. The hunger of success is embedded in the character and Starc personifies that hunger. The rigidness and strength of character is a must for any fast bowler and Starc definitely has it. He is not shy to have a word of two with the batsman in pressure situations. Although many believe that cricket is well off without sledging, but I don’t think it is natural for a bowler to stay quiet. Bowlers ought to sledge; they ought to intimidate the batsman. Well, Starc understands my point.

Be it IPL or international matches he always portrays the same level of energy and skills. Truly a reason why Starc is the next big thing.

3) Big performances

Ever so lethal Starc.
Ever so lethal Starc.

A big player becomes great when he delivers for his team and the fans who ever so eagerly wait for him to rule. Starc has always delivered it for his fans and that too in style. He recently became the fastest to reach the 100 wickets mark in One-Day international cricket which is a clear indication of his dominance in the game.

Starc also had a great 2015 Cricket World Cup as he took 22 wickets to be the leading wicket taker. The Australian was at his best both with the new and old ball. His dismissal of Brendon McCullum of a Starc-special was probably the ball of the tournament. He was named the Man of the Series and rose to number 1 spot in rankings.

4) All round skills


At The SportsRush we posted an article regarding how cricket will evolve in the years to come. One of the important points was the all-round nature of the game where specializations may become obsolete. Starc is also evolving into a complete player. He is quite handy with the bat as well. He has a best score of 99 in test matches with a decent average of 24.81 including a total of 6 fifties.

He has also scored a fifty in one day internationals and hits some huge hits down the order. Again a strong reason why Starc is the next big thing.

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