The Top 5 Innings That Made the Good players ‘Great’ !

Shikhar Mahalwala
|Published August 22, 2016

Although being great is not always a one day task, but in every big cricketer’s career there is that one defining moment for which he is remembered. That one innings is actually the difference between being ‘good’ and ‘great’.So what about the 5 innings that made the good players ‘great’ ?

In India specially where cricket is a religion, on crucial inning at a crucial time can earn you leaps of respect in people’s mind. So here at The SportsRush, we look at The top 5 innings that made the good players ‘great’.

5) Virender Sehwag

The top 5 innings that made the good players ‘great’
Virender Sehwag. We look at the one inning that made him great.


In the summer of 2004, Sehwag showcased and told the world his way of playing cricket. Team India was touring Pakistan for a 3 test series.

It was the first test match (in Multan) when Sehwag did something magical; He scores 309 runs of 375 balls taking team India to a humongous score of 675/5 dec.

The fact that he reached his 300 by hitting thee bowler for a six is just another example of his style of play, if he wants to hit it, he will hit it. The beautiful innings also comprised of 39 boundaries and 6 sixes.

It was after this innings that Sehwag came to be known as the ‘Sultan of Multan’.

4) Anil Kumble


Kumble aka Jumbo is one of the best spinners India has ever produced. His tall and lean stance and the ease with which he bowled was a sight to watch.  He was undoubtedly a macth winner for India.

Kumble’s top moment was definitely the Delhi Test against Pakistan in early 1999. In one of his more preferred grounds, he took all the 10 wickets to end the entire Pakistan team into the hut.

He finished with the magical figure of 10/74 and became only the second bowler to have achieved this task. Wisden Almanac, the bible of cricket rated it as the second best all-time bowling performance.

3) VVS Laxman


Laxman’s name will forever be associated with one of the finest innings in Test match cricket, a 281 against one of the toughest side, Steve Waugh’s Australia, to win an almost lost match at the Eden Gardens in 2001.

Before the match Laxman was tried at various positions including opening the innings. He finally made it clear that he won’t open.

Laxman scored 59 out of a team score of 171 in the first innings, created history in the second innings and also he added 376 runs for the fifth wicket with Rahul Dravid (180).

A great choice for 5 innings that made the good players ‘great’.

2) Sachin Tendulkar


This is a tough one. The greatness of the man cannot be justified by pointing out just one innings. If it had been possible, he would not be ‘The God’.  But here at The SportsRush we try to mention one of his finest innings.

The Tri-series at Sharjah for the Coca Cola cup is best known for Sachin Tendulkar’s two centuries against Australia.

The first helped India qualify for the final and the second, in the finals which was played on Tendulkar’s 25th birthday, helped India beat Australia to win the tournament.

Tendulkar’s hundred in the match which made India qualify came to be known as the “Desert Storm”.

1) Virat Kohli

virat vs australia

He is the King of the modern era. Kohli’s excellence doesn’t need any introduction. An average of over 50 in T20 internationals is a proof of his consistency.

His best innings came under immense pressure to qualify versus Sri Lanka. India needed 320 in 40 overs in order to stay alive in the tournament.

There was just one way and Kohli went all guns blazing. Malinga went for 96 runs in his 7.4 overs. Nobody had ever dominated Malinga like this.

This is the best ODI inning of Virat Kohli according to us.  A great choice for 5 innings that made the good players ‘great’.

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