Activision hacked? Here’s how you can secure your account

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|Published 23/09/2020

 Reports are coming in that around 500,000 Activision accounts are hacked. 

The hugely popular Call of Duty franchise players mostly use Activision accounts. A massive data breach at Activision has let hackers access usernames and passwords of over hundreds of thousands of its customer accounts. User’s login information and password were at risk.

Who reported the hack? –

The hack was first noticed by a twitter user. Many Call of Duty Esports personalities and creators started reporting the hack. It was then confirmed by  They include Prototype Warehouse, Okami and TheGamingRevolution.

Activision responds in a statement –

Activision released a statement later in the day via twitter. The statement said that the news about the hacks was not true, they take privacy concerns very seriously. Activision recommended users to take precautions. Activision further added that the reports were inaccurate and there wa no breach of user’s data.

How to keep your Activision account secure –

Its surprising that Activision does not offer two-factor authentication yet and people asked them the same on twitter. Right now the only way to keep your account secure might be by changing your password. The company also released a post about how users can keep their accounts secure. Readers can check it out by clicking here.

The Call of Duty franchise is very popular in the Esports and in the gaming community. It’s no surprise that users and gamers were concerned.

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