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Adrian error Vs Atletico Madrid: Liverpool goalkeeper costs Liverpool tie with horrific blunder

Tanish Chachra

Adrian error Vs Atletico Madrid: Liverpool goalkeeper costs Liverpool tie with horrific blunder

Adrian error Vs Atletico Madrid: Liverpool goalkeeper costs Liverpool qualification ahead with a horrible blunder in the extra time.

Liverpool would be surely missing Alisson Becker as goalkeeping horrors once again strike at Liverpool in the Champions League, as Adrian’s prolific mistake cost Liverpool the tie against Atletico Madrid.

Both sides were in an intense contest during the regular playing time of the game, with Liverpool matching the goal against the Spaniards, which led the game to the extra time.

But as soon the extra time in the game begin, Atletico Madrid accelerated their attack and started having more control in the game. Yet it was not hazardous for Liverpool until Adrian made an unforgivable mistake.

The Spanish goalkeeper makes a poor clearance, which directly lands at Joao Felix, who immediately feeds the ball to Marcos Llorente, then a low shot beats the keeper, who made a poor attempt at diving.

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Thus, giving a strange goal to Atletico Madrid in the 7th minute into the extra time. From there Liverpool’s misery increased, as Atletico Madrid’s Alvaro Morato further scored in the 105th minute.

The Spanish striker further netted another goal in the last minute of the extra time sealing the tie for Atletico Madrid as the aggregate score ends up at 4-2 in favour of the visitors.

This ends up as Liverpool’s first defeat at the Anfield this season, and this has to turn out to be the most heartbreaking one, as the Reds lost their title too soon in the competition.

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Liverpool’s victory surely comes as an upset, but at the same time, it boosts the chances for other major contenders in the competition, as Liverpool looked like the most fierce side in the competition so far.

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