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Alisson Becker Drills In Cool Finish Past Adrian During Training Session

Gautam Kapoor

Liverpool's best XI

Alisson won the war between the shot stoppers

Although Liverpool are in a soup at the moment, the side’s predicament has fortuitously not reduced the bonhomie in the club’s squad at the moment. There’s a clear sense of boringness and positivity engulfing the club, one on show during the side’s most recent training session.

Practicing ahead of their matchup with Wolverhampton in the Premier League on Monday, Liverpool’s players were seen engaging themselves in a small encounter. One particular moment which stood out from the tie was Alisson Becker slotting in past his counterpart Adrian.

Becker Finds The Bottom Corner

Liverpool’s site shared the goal. The clip shared on the club’s Twitter account showed Alisson making a well versed diving save before he collected the ball to slam it into the net as he caught Adrian unaware.

Alisson was quick to ensure that he rubbed the goal into his peer’s face as he burst into joyous and judicious celebrations ensuing the peach of a strike.

Klopp Offers Injury Update

For the first time in a long time, the Liverpool supremo revealed that the club didn’t have any new injury issues to report. He also talked about the return of his four injured names as he ruled them all out of the fixture.

“That’s not my decision. But, to be honest, the information I have in the moment it will be unlikely,” the Liverpool manager said when inquired about injuries.

“So, not that I don’t let them go because I don’t want to have to do that anyway, but it’s because of the extent of the injury. We all hope that they will be ready to start the pre-season with us. That’s what we hope.

“And, by the way, with Joel it’s pretty much the same, he’s just not qualified for the Euros but it’s with him the same.

“These are really serious injuries. And it’s not about now that we talk which competition they can play. As far as I know – and I’m always open for positive surprises, now they all of a sudden show up in team training – but nobody told me that.

“The two of them look in the moment better than Joel looks because he’s still in his looks like skiing boots. But he is here as well. Joe is not running, Virgil is already running, but this is really a tough one.

“We are completely over the moon when they are ready to train with us for the start of pre-season. About the Euros, I didn’t think about it.

“I don’t know when you would have to be back that you are able to play the Euros. The week before? The day when the Euros start? I don’t know. That’s it. I understand maybe the need of that but we cannot make this decision and we will not.”

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