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MLB Trade Deadline: Ken Rosenthal Slams Door on Yankees-Marlins Infield Blockbuster

Oindrila Chowdhury

MLB Trade Deadline: Ken Rosenthal Slams Door on Yankees-Marlins Infield Blockbuster

The trade deadline for Major League Baseball is coming up fast and rumors of blockbuster trade deals are doing rounds. One interesting possibility that’s getting attention is the idea of Jazz Chisholm being traded to the Yankees.

Chisholm’s mix of speed and power could really boost their lineup and his ability to play both base and outfield would give Manager Aaron Boone options for defense and resting players. At just 26 years old, Chisholm could also help the Yankees build a strong lineup in the near future.

Taking to Foul Territory Live, MLB insider Ken Rosenthal believes there’s a chance Jazz Chisholm Jr. will be traded soon. While it seems likely he’ll be leaving the Marlins, the big question now is which team will land him. 

Rosenthal points out how other MLB teams are interested in Chisholm because of his baseball skills and Miami Marlin’s flexibility to engage in deals that bring in returns. With his ability to perform well in positions like center field and second base, he’s a sought-after player among other suitors, Rosenthal says.

“Chisholm is going to get traded. I don’t think there’s much question about that. The only question is which team. Would he fit for the Yankees at second base? Sure, he would, and he would give them more speed and athleticism” 

Despite Chisholm being available and a good fit for teams, Rosenthal rules out any talk of Gleyber Torres from the Yankees being involved in a trade with the Marlins. Around the 2022 MLB trade deadline, there were talks of Torres’ probability of heading to Miami.

However, with Torres set to become a free agent next off-season, his short-term contract makes him less valuable in a potential trade with the Marlins. This situation certainly is challenging for the New York Yankees as they check their options on whether to keep, trade, or let go of Torres.

 “Gleyber Torres is still there and he’s not going back to the Marlins, as you mentioned, Scott, because he’s a potential free agent. In fact, I believe it was two offseasons ago there was talk of Gleyber to the Marlins, and it just didn’t happen for whatever reason. So that part of it, I don’t see.” 

Rosenthal added that Torres has been struggling defensively and has shown inconsistency in his performance this season- raising concerns about his overall play. On the other hand, Chisholm has shown potential with his speed, power, and defense but hasn’t fully lived up to the expectations this season.

Considering a trade, involving Gleyber Torres for Jazz Chisholm – presents a complex decision for the Yankees. Because as much as Chisholm has a very high ceiling, Chisholm’s defense, particularly in center field is shaky. Therefore, the team needs to be confident that after acquiring him, Jazz can improve defensively.

On the other hand, currently, Gleyber Torres offers the bare minimum upsides for the Marlins because Miami has zero chances of entering the playoffs in the ongoing MLB season. So, even if Gleyber pulls off a good performance in the Marlins, it won’t materialize.

Plus, he is soon set to become a free agent after the season gets over. Thus, whatever liitle success he experiences with the team won’t mean much because they wouldn’t have control over him beyond 2024.

In light of this, the Yankees can look for alternative trade options. With a deep farm system, the team can go for young talent in the minors. It makes so much sense to not trade their veteran candidate and pick mid-level prospects, for a player the Marlins are willing to part with who’s under team control for a while.

That being said, the Yankees might be looking at Cody Bellinger for a boost.

Cody Bellinger’s Possible Consideration For Yankees-Cubs Trade

Cody Bellinger is a power hitter. During his time with the Cubs in 2023, he achieved a batting line of .307/.356/.525, along with hitting 26 home runs. If he is traded to the the Bronx, his left-handed batting style would provide balance to the team’s lineup which mostly consists of right-handed hitters. 

Plus, Bellinger’s ability to play both outfield positions, including center field and first base, gives manager Aaron Boone the scope to mix up the lineup and give other players a break. Although he has faced some challenges recently, Bellinger is a National League MVP (2019)- which means he has postseason experience that could give the Yankees a playoff push.

He is currently under contract with the Cubs until 2024, with opportunities for opt-outs after the 2024 and 2025 seasons. This arrangement allows the Yankees flexibility since they wouldn’t be locked into a long-term commitment if his performance falters.

However, Bellinger’s performance in 2024 hasn’t quite matched his comeback in 2023. While he has maintained production with a .303 batting average and decent on-base percentage, his home run numbers have not been as impressive this season (9 HR). This might make the Yankees think twice about trading for him until he fully regains his form.

Also, it is expected that the Cubs will ask for a package of prospects in return for parting ways with Bellinger. After adding Juan Soto to their team, the Yankees are facing a shortage in their farm system. So, considering this situation, the Yankees could opt to focus on acquiring players such as a starting pitcher or a reliable hitter.

When it comes to pursuing Cody Bellinger, it is nothing but a gamble for the Yankees. While he could enhance their capabilities, concerns arise due to his performance struggles and the high demands set by the Cubs. ​

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