BCCI announces a new DNA fitness test for all its players

Siddharth Nair
|Published November 12, 2017

On the recommendation of skipper Virat Kohli, BCCI have now taken huge steps to ensure the fitness of all it’s cricketers.

Kohli has made it clear that he wants everyone in the team to be super fit. Gone are the days when players can walk into the squad purely based on their batting or bowling performances.

MS Dhoni had once said that he wanted to make team India the best fielding outfit in world cricket, something which he succeeded in accomplishing in the 2013 Champions Trophy.

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This is now being carried forward by Indian skipper Virat Kohli, as he has made it clear that fitness is one aspect that will not at all be compromised. The BCCI have also made it clear that they will back their skipper on this one, as they want to ensure that every player who puts on the India cap is at the top of his game, fitness wise.

The BCCI have taken actions with a new DNA fitness test now in place.

“Yes, we have started the DNA test for the Indian cricket team for some time now. It is basically in line with the new fitness parameters, which has been set by the team management. The DNA test was first introduced in the NBA (basketball) and the NFL in the United States. The idea was mooted by Shankar Basu and it has proved to be extremely beneficial. For conducting each and every player’s test, the BCCI spends between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 which is a nominal amount,” a senior BCCI said.

“Some of them have been having copious amount of milk since childhood as it is a common belief that milk gives you strength. Then they found out that despite training, their body is not able to measure up to the demands of modern day game. When this test started, some players understood that they are lactose intolerant or some who have fetish for mutton biryani know what their body needs after eating a particular kind of food.”

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