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BCCI says that Team India will have a coach before the Sri Lanka Tour!

Utkarsh Bhatla

Team India will have a coach before Sri Lanka tour

Anil Kumble handing in his resignation after a long tussle with Virat Kohli has caused a huge uproar in the cricketing world. BCCI had already invited applications for the post of the coach and has a good five candidates to chose from. Kumble too was in the running for a renewal, but due to his sour relationship with Kohli, he decided to give in and hand in his resignation late last night.

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The BCCI has now gone onto say that India will finalise the coach before the Sri Lanka tour, which happens after India returns from the Caribbean(before 21 st July) and it also said that the coach will continue until the 2019 World Cup.

Team India will get his new head coach before tour to Sri Lanka. The assignment of the new head coach will be till the next World Cup to be held in June 2019 in England,” said CT Khanna, BCCI President.

Rajeev Shukla said that a lot of efforts were made to resolve the differences between Kohli and Kumble but nothing came to fruition and that Kumble decided to hand in his papers.

BCCI tried its level best to resolve the issue. The acting secretary, the CEO, they discussed the matter with Kumble and Kohli in great detail, the board consulted the chairman of the COA (Vinod Rai) also,” Shukla told reporters.

“They tried to resolve the issues but eventually no outcome could be found out and Kumble decided to move on,” he said.

“BCCI wishes Kumble best for the future. Meanwhile, BCCI has decided to search further for the coach. Before the Sri Lanka tour, the coach will be appointed and it will be the best coach for India,” said Shukla.

“Sometimes there are differences of opinion and BCCI tried its level best to resolve the whole issue but sometimes things don’t work. Sometimes it happens that you can’t get along with someone.”

“It is not that captain is given all the importance. We give importance to everybody. There are differences sometimes. They are also human beings,” he added.

The BCCI is also going to start a fresh application process for the coach, as they feel that a lot of people might not have applied assuming that Kumble’s renewal was a huge possibility.

Look, when we had invited applications last time, Anil was an automatic entry. That might have prompted a lot of people from thinking that what’s the need to apply when current coach is doing well and is in the mix,” a BCCI official told PTI.

Now the situation has completely changed. A lot of people will now be interested knowing it’s an open field,” he added.

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