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After Motivating His Village to Do ‘The Step Challenge,’ Arnold Schwarzenegger Accompanies a Special Friend for His ‘Tuesday Morning Walk’

Radha Iyer

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has a penchant for making challenges fun by not just narrating his anecdotes about them but also participating in them himself. Yesterday, he challenged his village members in his newsletter to get their daily step count up each day. Now, he has a special friend to help him with the cause—his pig, Schnelly!

Schwarzenegger recently took to Instagram to upload an adorable video of him walking his pet pot-bellied pig, Schnelly, motivating her at every step. While the talkative swine seemed to have many complaints, she obliged with her endearing strut and loud oinks.

This Instagram post was a follow-up to yesterday’s newsletter, where he wrote about his challenges relating to physical fitness after his surgery. Since he had a pacemaker placed a few weeks ago, he couldn’t perform intense workouts at the gym. But instead of rotting away on his bed, Schwarzenegger decided to take up the task of walking every day.

He teamed up with his training partner, Lynn, and set up a pedometer that let him measure his steps for the day. He then left the arena open to his newsletter readers by asking them to do the same. Additionally, Schwarzenegger wanted his village members to add 1,000 steps every day to level up. He mentioned this during his walk with Schnelly.

“Join me in my challenge… shoot for raising your daily step average by 1,000 steps.”

Apart from the challenging aspect of his stroll, Schwarzenegger knew to appreciate the little joys of life. As he felt the warmth of the morning sun as he walked Schnelly, he wrote in Instagram’s post’s caption:

“Nothing like a Tuesday morning walk with my Schnelly!”

Walks are significantly impactful for one’s physical health and fitness. Schwarzenegger has often raved about the benefits of a 30-minute stroll for one’s longevity when done consistently. In one of his previous articles, he mentioned how.

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the surprising benefits of walking

It might sound surprising to many, but daily walks could do wonders for health if taken up consistently for at least thirty minutes. In an earlier edition of his newsletter, the Terminator actor shared some jaw-dropping stats on the effects of low-intensity cardio exercises like walks on the heart.

As it turns out, a simple choice like taking the stairs could be a game changer for individuals interested in staying healthy. About five flights of stairs per day could reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke by 20%. Thus, it adds more years to one’s life by protecting their heart.

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