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Arnold Schwarzenegger Comes Clean on Whether One Should ‘Stop Putting Bananas in Smoothies’ or Not

Rahul Goutam Hoom

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In the fitness world, everyone has different preferences for their protein smoothie. There are several recipes for smoothies available on the internet, to make them tastier and filled with nutrients,  many of which suggest adding bananas. The fruit is highly popular in the fitness industry, particularly among daily workout aficionados who use it to kick off their day. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger has put out a research study in his newsletter that opposes incorporating bananas in smoothies.

According to different sources on the internet, the fruit may help an individual’s digestive and heart health due to its high fiber and antioxidant content. Bananas may additionally assist with weight loss because they contain less calories, around 105. Despite all of these benefits, a study, that the Austrian Oak mentions in his newsletter, shows a completely different aspect of the fruit, as he writes:

“A recent study suggested that blending bananas could reduce the nutritional benefits of your smoothie.”

Even Schwarzenegger finds this fact difficult to swallow, claiming that adding bananas and berries to a smoothie diminishes the amount of polyphenols. Flavonoids, phenolic acids, lignans, and stilbenes are compounds that are commonly found in plant-based foods.

However, according to the former bodybuilder, the fear over the loss of polyphenols was overstated. The study that addressed it was rather small, with 8 individuals in one experiment and 11 in the other.

The results did not clearly demonstrate that bananas were responsible for the nutritional loss; however, only one type of polyphenol absorption was lowered. To simplify the study’s findings, Schwarzenegger states:

“While the banana and berry mixture might slightly reduce the ability to absorb one type of antioxidant, the overall benefit of drinking bananas and berries in a smoothie is still a health boost for your body. “

The former bodybuilder also expresses concern, citing a few studies that illustrate how many individuals avoid fruits and vegetables. He has always been vocal about plant-based diets and has recommended them as just two servings can significantly minimize serious health concerns.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Highlights the Benefits of Fruits

On a global scale, many people are in danger of acquiring heart disease as obesity rates rise as a result of poor eating habits. However, incorporating fruits into one’s diet can significantly reduce this harmful influence. The 76-year-old explains that eating these organic meals can cut mortality from heart disease by 21% among individuals.

The study he mentioned featured professionals evaluating 20,000 people for more than 15 years. Participants who eat fruits on a daily basis reported better health outcomes. While many people doubt the sugar content of the natural food product, Schwarzenegger claims that it keeps the gastrointestinal system healthy. Fruits also reduce the risk of obesity by 10%, while indirectly lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease by 16% and stroke by 18%.

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