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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the Secret to Increasing Lifespan and Fighting Off Death Through Workouts

Radha Iyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger Designs the Ideal Workout for Better Heart Health

Arnold Schwarzenegger has often talked about various ways to improve life quality with the help of different workout plans. Often, many of these routines are responsible for increasing our lifespan to a certain extent. In his latest newsletter, however, he reveals the true power of combining techniques to reap maximum benefits.

The age-old debate between preferring cardio or weight training over each other just got a new solution. Schwarzenegger suggested fitness enthusiasts opt for the best of both worlds by including both types in a regular routine.

According to a study, ‘Independent and Joint Associations of Weightlifting and Aerobic Activity,’ the best results were reflected when individuals included both resistance training and aerobic exercises into their routines. Of nearly 100,000 individuals who participated in the research, scientists divided them into three groups based on who followed what routine.

The general consensus was that only some included any form of exercise in their routine, be it weight training, cardio, or both. However, most of the concerning data came from the fact that not many of these participants performed any active movement.

“But those who did take action were rewarded. On average, those who lifted weights had up to a 22 percent lower mortality rate, and doing cardio had up to 34 percent lower mortality.”

The real winners of the study were those who combined both methods. Fitness enthusiasts who performed a combined training mode witnessed nearly a 50% reduction in mortality risk.

“Another study on more than 115,000 people found that no matter how much cardio people perform, people who add strength training at least twice per week have a lower risk of dying regardless of cause compared to those who don’t lift weights.”

Schwarzenegger recommends about 150–300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75–150 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise every week. The key is to not just keep the body moving but also challenge oneself a little more progressively. And this is why he recently also posed a challenge to his readers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants his village to get up and get moving

Schwarzenegger has recently been recovering from a major heart surgery that prevents him from performing intense exercises. But nothing stops the 76-year-old former Mr. Olympia from getting his daily workout checked off his list. He has since resorted to walking and keeping a count of his steps along with his training partner.

He presented the situation in front of his fitness community in the form of a challenge. While life often came in between workouts, it didn’t have to stop someone from being active, and he wanted his community to practice that. He gave them the daily task of walking a certain number of steps, with the catch that they would increase the number by 1000 every day. This task would not only keep them progressively active but also give everyone the necessary push to do better.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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