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Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils the Diet Change That Can Improve Oral Health

Rahul Goutam Hoom

The Science of Intermittent Fasting – Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Team Dive Deeper Into the Nuances of the Practice

There are numerous food options available for fitness enthusiasts, who are looking to achieve their ideal physique. However, the abundance of nutrition options can generate confusion among newcomers. To avoid this, Arnold Schwarzenegger has often devised remedies to help his ‘village’ members, and this time in his newsletter, he recommends a dietary alternative that can improve one’s oral health.

Just as hygiene is vital for oral health, there are meals that can benefit this section of the human body. The bodybuilder advises a specific vegetable that will receive a big thumbs up from the individual’s dentist, as he writes:

“According to a recent study, eating more tomatoes could improve your oral health.”

There is always a dispute among food nerds over whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. The delicious berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum has piqued the interest of the Austrian Oak because it contains lycopene, a form of organic pigment known as a carotenoid that gives it its red tint. However, apart from this intriguing texture, the nutrient has many more advantages, as Schwarzenegger states:

“That’s because lycopene is like strength training for oral health; it pumps up the immune cells inside your mouth and kills the bacteria that cause plaque and inflammation.”

The bodybuilder discusses findings from much research that show that the amount of lycopene found in one to two medium-sized tomatoes, which is approximately 4 to 8 milligrams, is sufficient to help minimize the chance of cavities, gingivitis, and even gum bleeding.

However, he emphasizes that simply eating tomatoes is not a complete alternative to normal oral care, which includes frequent brushing and flossing. This can be a better addition to one’s behavior, and it can be improved in a certain way, as Schwarzenegger writes:

“If you don’t eat raw tomatoes, tomato sauce might be an even better option. That’s because research has found that cooking tomatoes increases the bioavailability of lycopene, meaning your body can absorb more nutrients.”

The Terminator actor also advises lycopene-rich watermelon, grapefruit, pink guavas, and apricots as alternatives to tomatoes for those who aren’t fans of tomatoes. Aside from such nutritional guidance, bodybuilders have long preferred any form of physical activity, since even basic movement can provide numerous health benefits.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Advice to Sprint on the Stairs

For those who can’t afford the time to have a dedicated gym session, they can always opt for sprinting on stairs a few times a day. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, this activity can immensely aid in the improvement of one’s heart health and cardiovascular fitness, and it can even help in lowering their blood pressure.

He further outlines research that had more than 25,000 participants, and such short bursts of exercise three to four times a day saw a 40 percent reduction in mortality from all causes and even up to a 49 percent reduction in death from cardiovascular disease. Running up the stairs might seem like a negligible effort, though it can have immensely positive outcomes for one’s heart health.

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Rahul Goutam Hoom


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