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Dr. Mike Israetel, Sam Sulek, Samson Dauda, and Other Bodybuilding Stars Take Over Gym for an Insane Workout Collab, Leaving Fans Awestruck

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Dr. Mike Israetel, Sam Sulek, Samson Dauda, and Other Bodybuilding Stars Take over Gym for an Insane Workout Collab, Leaving Fans Awestruck

Dr. Mike Israetel is recognized for posting several fitness videos on his social media handles. He also maintains a consistent posting schedule on his YouTube channel, Renaissance Periodization, and this time he has created a special video for his followers. Many bodybuilding stars, like Sam Sulek, Samson Dauda, Hunter Labrada, and others, visited the ‘exercise scientist’ at his gym.

The video begins with Samson Dauda performing a few inclined chest presses on the equipment. He continues to do more reps with the assistance of the exercise scientist. Additionally, Dauda demonstrates the front lat, side chest, back double bicep, and most muscular poses.

Internet personality Ashley Lakomowski was also in the gym, working out. She did execute a few hammer curls before dumping the dumbbells hard to the ground. The cameraman then focused on Hunter Labrada, who was deadlifting in the center of the gym. Many other fitness influencers watched the American bodybuilder push himself to the limit until his fifth rep when he dropped the barbell.

The bodybuilder attempted to execute leg extensions but failed after a few sets; however, Sam Sulek stood by his side and pushed him to continue till failure. Labrada was later spotted doing hack squats, while Mike Israetel and Jared Feather encouraged him from the side. Feather also performs a few pushups after helping the bodybuilder with his own training.

The video shows Nick Justice performing tricep pushdowns, with former Canadian bodybuilder Fouad Abiad assisting him when he struggles. In the next frame, Mike Israetel speaks with Samson Dauda about a crime documentary, and how he started using “innit” in every statement. Israetel also pushes himself to the limit while performing inclined chest presses on the machine.

The cameraman then focuses on Sam Sulek, who performs leg extensions and pushes himself to the limit. Labrada observes the bodybuilder, who then does Romanian deadlifts. After a strenuous workout, he performs hack squats before resting on the machine. Later on, Jared Feather, Sulek, and Israetel posed together to strike professional stage poses, including front lat spread and side tricep stance.

As the YouTube video concludes, all the bodybuilders have a hilarious conversation. After viewing the viral video featuring multiple bodybuilders, fans couldn’t hold themselves back from sharing their thoughts on the massive collaboration.

Fans gather in the comment section of Mike Israetel’s YouTube video

Working amongst such well-known personalities in the fitness business is not easy. However, Mike Israetel brought them together for a gym session, leaving fans drooling.

“You got the most famous fitness influencers and Olympia people fucking with ‘the science guys’ now, the industry has gone 180 and I’m all for it. RP is great.”

This user was astounded by the massive physique of professional bodybuilder Samson Dauda, who finished sixth in the 2022 Mr. Olympia.

“I always forget how huge Samson is. Dude is a friggin tank…”

The bodybuilding community always pushes each other to new heights. In this video, they all worked out and assisted each other when necessary.

“One of the many things I dug about this collab: Everybody had something to teach someone else. Everybody brought value, and everybody had a chance to grow. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall…”

A few admirers even left sarcastic comments on the video, as they didn’t expect this collaboration.

“Wow. I haven’t seen my dads together like this since Mike went to get a pack of cigs 10 years ago.”

Because of the success of GTA 6’s trailer, one fan in this video made a joke based on it.

“We got Sam Sulek controlling the eccentric for 4 business days before GTA 6.”

Dr. Mike Israetel constantly tries to devise fantastic video ideas for his viewers. With this big collaboration video, he has acquired more popularity and respect from the community, and they may expect more such partnerships in the future.

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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