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“No More Big Lifts”: Mitchell Hooper Warns the Strongman World of His Stunning Feat, Drawing Surprised Reactions

Radha Iyer

“No More Big Lifts”: Mitchell Hooper Warns the Strongman World of His Stunning Feat, Drawing Surprised Reactions

It’s no secret that Canadian strongman Mitchell Hooper is just built differently, with his jaw-dropping strength and control over various strength-based activities. He already won two Arnold Strongman Classic titles within two weeks and is set to shine at the upcoming Shaw Classic in August. For that, he has been preparing with all his might, and his Instagram account testifies to it.

He has recently been preparing for a world record at the axle press, and his training has been nothing short of stunning. Iron Biby holds the current WR of 217 kg/478.4 lbs, which he managed to pull off in 2021. But Hooper seems to have bigger plans, with heavier weights and an improved technique.

In his recent post, he attempted a whopping 507-pound lift and held on for a while before setting it down. Since the axle already stood at a height, he could lift it off and set it down with a full range of motion. Feeling pretty proud of his achievement in his journey to set a world record, Hooper expressed his pride.

“No more big lifts until they really count. I’m coming in hot.”


Fans went berserk at seeing the strongman pull off such an impressive feat. Although the axle was on a higher surface, the weights were way beyond the required measurements for the record. Fellow strongman icon Luke Stoltman cheered for Hooper in his style.

“Bring the spice.”

Many fans couldn’t believe how strong he got since the Arnold Strongman Classic competitions and believed he had more trophies to win this year.

“Insane amount of weight overhead. Don’t see anyone taking that title from you this year.”

Diverting from the insane lift, some were worried about the mirror being smashed into with the weights and voiced their concerns.

“The mirror behind you almost had a panic attack…”

While others couldn’t help gazing at the TV broadcasting food shows in the background, giving the lift a hilarious touch.

“The show background made me hungry, thanks Mitchell!”

In the end, every athlete has a good mentor and coach, and Hooper’s mentor, Laurence Shahlaei, a.k.a. Big Loz, received compliments as well.

“I found big Loz’s pressing advice really helpful back in the day and I think it was as simple as add another pressing session a week and work on triceps more. You have a great coach!!”

Hooper’s recent uprising in the strongman world has been inspiring, to say the least. While fans have found a new favorite to root for, competitors have found a new challenger. Amidst his extensive experience as an athlete, what gives him the edge is his role as a medical professional.

Mitchell Hooper: Elite Strongman and Kinesiologist

Apart from lifting extremely heavy weights and showing off his strength, Hooper happens to be a certified kinesiologist who specializes in conditioning and recovery through physiotherapy. With his expertise, he often discussed the scientific side of Strongman sports, including subjects like monitoring health, taking supplements, and developing a champion mindset.

Being a versatile athlete, he recently also talked about his journey from doing posing shows to running and powerlifting before settling into strongman. Yet, he left no stone unturned to do his best, keeping in mind his body’s capacity.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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