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Boris Becker gives a piece of advice to Novak Djokovic

Siddharth Nair
|Fri Jun 09 2017

Legendary tennis player and former coach of Djokovic, Boris Becker is not sure about the long term feasibility of Djokovic’s partnership with Andre Agassi. Becker gives a piece of advice to Novak Djokovic and tells him to look for a new coach as soon as possible.

Djokovic has been struggling for form ever since last year’s French Open. Things came a full circle when he lost to Dominic Thiem a couple of days ago, which ended his French Open campaign.

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This is what the German legend said in an interview,

‘Novak Djokovic needs to make a clean cut. He started to work with Andre Agassi – a new super-coach. However, Agassi missed the second week when Djokovic needed him there the most. He has to find a new tour-coach. It is said that there were conversations with some coaches who will support him but this has to happen fast and not during Wimbledon because Djokovic has to take advantage of the next three or four weeks to come back.’

‘I think that Novak realised in the middle of the second set that his defensive-passive game does not lead him to success.

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He had to change his tactics in order to play more offensive, then he exchanged blows with Dominic Thiem who played very well. Thiem was like a boxer who took a hit and then fought back. I think in the end this broke Djokovic’s game and in the third set he had no chance to turn the match in his favour.’

‘Djokovic is like Real Madrid, you can’t say no to him,’ recently said Goran Ivanisevic.

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