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“Hate Ko Hata Mere Bhai”: Robin Uthappa Finds Irfan Pathan’s Backing Amid Hate From KKR Fans

Gurpreet Singh

"Hate Ko Hata Mere Bhai": Robin Uthappa Finds Irfan Pathan's Backing Amid Hate From KKR Fans

Former India batter Robin Uthappa has found the support of former teammate Irfan Pathan after a section of Kolkata Knight Riders fans cast aspersions on his fidelity for the franchise.

It all began after KKR’s keyboard warriors came up with their words of destructive criticism for Uthappa, after he tweeted a picture alongside his son cheering for Chennai Super Kings.

The father-son duo were donning the CSK’s jersey in the picture, and rooted for the “Yellow Army” who were about to play against Gujarat Titans in Indian Premier League 2023 Qualifier 1 in Chennai.

“Loyalty and respect is a give and take my friend!!” – Robin Uthappa

As KKR fans came down heavily on Uthappa, who had represented the franchise between 2014-2019, a particular twitter user marked his presence with a salty comment which read, “Bro played one-two seasons with Chennai and sold his soul I have never seen him supporting KKR like this.”

As a reply to several such comments questioning his faithfulness for Knight Riders, Uthappa remarked that the virtues of loyalty and respect is a give and take relationship.

While one cannot ascertain why he would come up with such a comment, it does imply that his relationship with the two-time champion franchise did end on a sour note post IPL 2019.

Robin Uthappa Finds Irfan Pathan’s Backing Amid Hate From KKR Fans

The persistent hate comments perhaps reached a point where Uthappa had to come up with a separate tweet with respect to his aforementioned reply.

Yet again, the 37-year old explicitly mentioned that he has been receiving immense hate for sharing his previous experience with the franchise.

Pathan, in a possible bid to lighten his mood, advised Uthappa to shoo away all the negativity and focus on the love his fans have always showered upon him. “Hate ko hata mere bhai. Bas pyaar ko dekh [Ignore the hate, my brother. Just concentrate on love],” Pathan tweeted.

Furthermore, what KKR fans perhaps failed to realize is that Uthappa had been roped in as Super Kings’ talent scout in the middle of the ongoing 16th season of the IPL after having played for them during the previous two seasons.

Therefore, isn’t it natural and obvious for him to support the team for which he has been providing his services to? The question is pretty rhetorical.

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Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh


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