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“I don’t get Instagram”: Harsha Bhogle once disclosed why he used to follow only his wife, Ashwin and DK on Instagram

Dixit Bhargav

"I don't get Instagram": Harsha Bhogle once disclosed why he used to follow only his wife, Ashwin and DK on Instagram

It is not for everyone to crack the code with respect to social media and legendary broadcaster Harsha Bhogle appears to be among those people who are yet to come to terms with actively handling accounts across all social media platforms.

Ideally, one wouldn’t want to believe it for someone who has tweeted over 65,000 times and is followed by more than nine million people on that platform. While Bhogle seems to be having a soft spot for Twitter, Instagram has a burdensome impact on him in spite of him posting 514 times on the photo and video sharing application.

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As a result, Bhogle takes assistance from a couple of people for his social media handles. Instagram, in particular, takes more out of him because he often forgets to post on a regular basis.

Harsha Bhogle once disclosed why he used to follow only his wife, Ashwin and DK on Instagram

It was during his appearance in The Grade Cricketer Podcast a few months ago that Bhogle was hilariously asked the rationale behind following only three people on Instagram – his wife Anita Bhogle, veteran India all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin and veteran India wicket-keeper batter Dinesh Karthik.

Intrigued by hosts Sam Perry and Ian Higgins not only stalking him to such a meticulous extent but also converting their observation into a question, Bhogle provided a detailed answer as to why he used to follow only three people back then.

“I started following my wife when she wrote a book because she wasn’t on Instagram before that. I don’t get Instagram,” Bhogle said on an episode of The Grade Cricketer. “So, I’ve got a couple of people to help me with social media. [On] Twitter, I’m okay. Originally, I wasn’t on Instagram.

“I thought it was all about taking your own pictures. And I don’t have a good angle [all laugh]. How many pictures of yourself do you post? I still don’t know how to catch the light. [And] Already I was spending so much time on social media and on my phone that I said ‘If I follow more people, then that’s another thing I want to do.’ [I followed] Dinesh Karthik because I was doing something with him. I did an Instagram LIVE with [Ravichandran] Ashwin.”

It is noteworthy that Bhogle has now started following five more people on Instagram to increase the number to eight. A regular on Cricbuzz YouTube channel, Bhogle is mostly found working as a commentator with Star Sports Network these days.

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