“It will not go anywhere”: Aakash Chopra rubbishes Ravi Shastri’s idea of playing just six teams in test cricket

Rishikesh Sharma
|Published August 05, 2022

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has said that cricket will go nowhere if Ravi Shastri’s idea about test cricket gets implemented.

Test cricket has been considered the best format of the game, and it has given us some thrillers in the recent past as well. However, the quality of cricket depends on the kind of opposition playing the same. There has been a lot of one-sided series as well when there was a day-light difference between the quality of the oppositions.

Recently, former Indian coach Ravi Shastri suggested that test cricket should be played between top-6 teams in order to increase the quality of the match. However, he did get much support for his statement.

Aakash Chopra votes against Ravi Shastri’s opinion

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has voted against the idea of Ravi Shastri’s comment about playing just six teams in test cricket to improve the quality of the competition between teams. Chopra said that the cricket world would be in trouble if only selected teams play the test format of the game.

“Test cricket can happen in tiers but if only the top six play Test cricket, I feel world cricket will be in trouble, including Test cricket, which all of us are saying is a very important format and will not go anywhere,” Chopra said in his YouTube channel.

“Who will decide the six countries, the top six in the rankings? Let’s say that’s the case, what will the others do? He (Shastri) said in the discussion that if you go out of the six, then you have no job and teams will come up from below. But who will come up from below because only six are playing Test cricket and the others are not playing at all.”

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Aakash Chopra also commented on the debate going around the future of ODI cricket. After the sudden retirement of Ben Stokes from the 50-over format, many legends of the game said that the ODI format has lost its importance, and only World Cup should be played in the format.

However, Chopra said that there is no point in playing the World Cup as well if the ODI format is not being played regularly. He said that the World Cup should be played in the format which is being played regularly.

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