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“My Wife Loves To Travel”: MS Dhoni And Sakshi Have Plans Of Kick-Starting Globetrotting Journey From India

Rishikesh Sharma

"My Wife Loves To Travel": MS Dhoni And Sakshi Have Plans Of Kick-Starting Globetrotting Journey From India

With MS Dhoni recently revealing his upcoming travel plans during a commercial event named Prabhav’23 on RIGI YouTube Channel, cricket fans in the country, especially the ones living in touristy places, should brace themselves to probably witness the sight of seeing the former Indian captain and his family roaming around in their cities.

Responding to a travel influencer, Chennai Super Kings captain shared how he has plans of kick-starting his globetrotting journey with his wife, Sakshi Dhoni. The 42-year old player insisted on wanting to start his travel journey domestically due to valid reasons.

“My wife loves to travel. So, now our plan is that [since] we are getting some time off, we want to travel but we want to start from India. I said, ‘You know, we have so many beautiful places over here. I would like to explore them first before, you know, heading to different places’,” Dhoni said.

Interrupted by someone belonging to Indore sitting in the audience, Dhoni cited an example of the largest city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and how he was impressed with a plethora of evening snacks on offer there. For the unversed, Indore is indeed pretty famous for its street food. Dishes such as Bhutte Ki Kees (Savoury Corn Porridge), Khopra (Cononut) Pattice, Garadu, Poha (Flattened Rice). etc form Indore’s specialties.

MS Dhoni Has Been To 15 Countries Across 5 Continents As An International Player

One of the major reasons why Dhoni wants to start life as a traveler from India could be how he has already been to 15 countries across five continents during the course of a 15-year-old international career. As an Indian cricketer, he has toured Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UAE, USA, West Indies, Bangladesh, England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

However, a dedicated cricketer on national duty in him didn’t allow any scope of wandering around as a tourist in all these countries. Dhoni, who is mostly on the road till date, usually travels within India and abroad in the capacity of a professional.

“I have not seen a lot because I was like, ‘Okay, I’m here to play cricket, I’ll play cricket and come back’,” Dhoni added.

It is noteworthy that Dhoni has traveled in India for vacations in the past as well. While he visited Shimla along with his family in 2021, he had surprised visitors in Kuttulam in 2018. Speaking of overseas locations, he was spotted playing golf along with former USA president Donald Trump in New York earlier this year. During the last Christmas and Net Year’s eve, he was seen partying in Dubai.

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