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David Warner’s wife Candice suffered miscarriage amidst the ball-tampering controversy

Saksham Mishra

David Warner’s wife Candice suffered miscarriage amidst the ball-tampering controversy

While all the drama surrounding the ball-tampering scandal was going on, David Warner’s wife Candice Warner was fighting hard to sustain her pregnancy.

Following the Sandpaper Gate scandal, David Warner lost a place in the Australian side, he was banned from international cricket for 1 year and restricted from captaining the national side for 2 years.

But what hurt him most was that his wife Candice Warner suffered a miscarriage amidst all the drama. As the two Warners tried to put up a brave face, Candice was pregnant and she miscarried their third child in the process.

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Candice disclosed the news herself, speaking to Australia Women’s weekly: “I was bleeding. We knew I was miscarrying. We held one another and cried. The miscarriage was a tragic consequence, a heartbreaking end to a horror tour,” Candice said.

As soon as the news started doing the rounds, Warner uploaded a long and sweet post on Instagram, standing strongly by his family. He wrote, “When you’re living the dream you must enjoy every moment of it regardless of the highs and lows. We as a family have been through one of the toughest times ever the last few months but nothing will ever stop us from being just us. I have three of the best girls in the world that I cherish and love every single waking day. I am truly blessed with this!! My wife my rock has endured pain, disappointment, regrets in her past and so many highs and lows but the courage Candice has shown in recent months is a testament to the qualities she has as a mother, person, friend and wife. I’m grateful every day I get to call her my wife and my soul mate, I wouldn’t want it any other way,”

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