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“Especially if There’s Baddies…”: Kevin Durant on Whether He’s Distracted by Celebrities

Advait Jajodia

“Especially if There’s Baddies…”: Kevin Durant on Whether He’s Distracted by Celebrities

Since Kevin Durant isn’t in a relationship, it seems as though he’s allowed to be on the lookout for the “baddies” attending his games. After announcing his partnership with Prime Hydration, KD appeared on Logan Paul’s – founder of the energy drink company – “Impaulsive” podcast and spoke about whether or not the spectators take away his attention from the game.

During a chat with the panel of Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and Darren Jason Watkins Jr. aka IShowSpeed, Durant revealed how he was never distracted by the people attending his games. However, the two-time champion did honestly admit that he would acknowledge the presence of certain celebrities and “baddies”.

“KD, when celebs come into your game, are you ever distracted by people in the stands? Even just hecklers, people f**king with you,” Logan Paul asked. Durant said,

“I won’t say distracted, but I do acknowledge them sometimes. Especially if there’s baddies in the stands, for sure. If it’s celebs on the floor, you definitely want to see who it is.”

KD initially admitted that he’s seen Corinna Kopf, an internet personality, a few times in the games as well as at a Drake concert. Further, the Phoenix Suns forward revealed his fandom for Rihanna. The Slim Reaper concluded by reiterating his plans of constantly being in search of “baddies”.

“When Rihanna walks in, it’s hard not to notice her. Just all the baddies, bro.”

The 35-year-old power forward then indulged in harmless banter with IShowSpeed. While talking about the topic of celebrities, the YouTuber wanted to know if Durant would get excited after seeing him in the stands. To which KD savagely replied:

“No, I wouldn’t even know you there.” 

If anyone was wondering, we now know the real reason behind Durant being such a great player. The 6ft 11” player isn’t chasing any accolades or trying to establish himself in the top 10 all-time list. As his answer suggests, KD is at his best to impress the beautiful women attending his games.

Jokes aside, Durant is one of the most entertaining players in the league. Even at the age of 35, the Slim Reaper averaged a staggering 27 points and 6.6 rebounds per game (per Basketball Reference), leaving his fans in awe on several occasions during the 2023-2024 season.

Post Edited By:Bhavani Singh

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