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Andretti Continues F1 Pursuit With Important Mercedes Personnel Tagging Along

Somin Bhattacharjee

Andretti Continues F1 Pursuit With Important Mercedes Personnel Tagging Along

Andretti’s bid to enter F1 has been rejected multiple times in the last year, with the sport’s governing authorities feeling that the American brand doesn’t add enough value. Still, its fight rages on and the bosses continue to build a strong team.

As per, the Andretti Cadillac team hired Chris Green as IT Director, and Laura Sturland as the new Finance Director. Both were important figures at Mercedes’ Brackley base but will now travel to Silverstone to work out of Andretti’s new headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Although Andretti is not giving up on its fight to enter the grid in 2026, as things stand, they don’t have the required support. Mario Andretti even traveled to the US Congress to get political support, but nothing has come out of it so far.

Behind the scenes, however, they continue to hire people and build a team to ensure they are ready when (or if) the time comes. Green and Sturland are vastly experienced figures within F1, with the former being a part of the grid since 2007.

Finances, meanwhile, will be one of the key areas Andretti will have to focus on. Sturland, who joined Mercedes in 2017, knows what it takes to be in charge of that department in a Championship-Winning F1 outfit.

Sturland and Green, however, are not the only two acquisitions Andretti made from Mercedes. Carolyn McGrory was previously the owner of Brawn GP and oversaw the team’s transition into Mercedes. She left Brackley in 2016, and earlier this year, she joined Andretti as the Chief Legal Officer.

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