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Andretti Dream Not Dead Yet as THIS F1 Team Could Be Its Saving Grace

Aishwary Gaonkar

Andretti Dream Not Dead Yet as THIS F1 Team Could Be Its Saving Grace

Andretti is not in the best position to get its F1 entry up and running, as its engine supply preliminary agreement with Renault has expired. According to Formula Passion, Alpine team boss Bruno Famin summarized how the delay in Andretti’s process to secure its entry into the sport has caused the agreement to expire. However, the French team is not out of contention and intends to supply Andretti with a power unit if they secure the green light to join F1 in the near future.

When the FIA started the process of inviting proposals for an 11th F1 team, Andretti was the front-runner. They also have made a visionary partnership with GM’s Cadillac to develop their indigenous F1 engine.

However, as Andretti aims to join F1 as early as 2025 or 2026, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has claimed that they will have an existing engine partner initially. Alpine-Renault was the top name that many expected to supply the American team with engines till its Cadillac program gets ready.

Now, despite its preliminary agreement having expired, the French brand is willing to work out and find “a common solution” if Andretti gets the nod to kickstart its F1 dream officially. The American team has reopened talks with Renault, as the FIA has given them the approval to join F1.

However, the ball is now in Formula One management (FOM)’s court as many existing teams have objections against Andretti and an 11th F1 team in general. Though, with GM and Cadillac’s engine program in a nascent stage, Renault could be the preferred engine supplier, if Andretti joins the grid anytime soon.

But the more pertinent question is will they be able to secure its entry?

Can Andretti buy Haas to enter F1?

Haas is on shaky ground at the moment after the huge exit of Guenther Steiner. The Italian-American boss was one of the bedrock at Haas and led the team through some tough times in the past eight years. However, now with his exit, the Banbury-based team is looking to restructure and desperately improve on performance.

Team owner Gene Haas has been vocal about not finishing last again, as they did in 2023. As the primary investor, he expects returns with good results from the team but feels that Haas doesn’t need more investment than he has already made.

While the quantum of his investment and his involvement is a subjective matter, Haas is struggling financially and operationally. In F1, teams need a lot of financial backing and operational support to even make a bid to be in the midfield pack. Relative to other midfield contenders, Haas lacks resources and funding on several fronts.

So, many experts have put forth the option for Gene Haas to sell the team entirely if he isn’t willing to actively invest more for his side’s success. Michael Andretti and his team could become one of the front runners to buy out Haas and set up its F1 operation.

With their strategic partnership with GM and Cadillac and the perceived financial preparedness to do well in F1, Andretti could substitute Haas as F1’s American outfit. As there have been objections against an 11th team, it also resolves the issue of teams not wanting to split their revenue share.

Buying out an existing team seems to be a viable option for new brands to enter F1. Case in point: Audi buying a majority stake in Sauber can be the precedent Andretti follows. For now, Gene Haas won’t want to think about selling out. Meanwhile, Andretti is still striving to enter the sport as an 11th team, as things stand.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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