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British YouTuber Spends $19 On Lewis Hamilton’s Burger And Instantly Regrets It

Shreya Sanjeev

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Lewis Hamilton, a champion of the healthy, vegan lifestyle, wanted to share his passion with his fans. In 2019, he planted the seed for Neat Burger, a vegan chain that sprouted from London to six international locations. But with a name like Lewis Hamilton backing it, how good is it really? One of Britain’s well-known faces does a taste test.

Callum “Calfreezy” Airey’s latest video involved running around London’s celebrity-owned restaurants for his 4.2 million subscribers. A creator known for his podcast, gaming videos, and Sidemen channel appearances, Calfreezy’s first stop was Neat Burger.

His introduction for Hamilton went like this: “We’re here at a restaurant owned by none other than the eight-time- no- seven-time world champ Lewis Hamilton.” However, he maintains an objective lens.

Calfreezy begins by reporting a problem. “They’ve actually closed a bunch of these locations [4], which doesn’t look great.”  

Sipping on his berry lemonade, the first review was: “Really nice! Not too sweet as well.” Delving into the intricate chemistry of a good lemonade, he concluded, “This is bangin’.”


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Freezy also dismissed the hate surrounding the new menu, rubbishing claims made by food critics online. To him, it looked nice, as did the vibe of the restaurant, and the music playing.

But when the food came in, things changed. Calfreezy was excited when he saw the cheese drip out of his vegan burger. However, when he took a bite, the smile fell – as did all the contents of his burger.

After rearranging it, he took another bite. “F*ck me. This is dreadful. I’m trying to be nice…” he said, looking at his burger, “it’s f*cking disgusting.” 

On top of that, the large amounts of sauces and dressings made the contents of the burger slippery, which meant he constantly had to push it in.

Lewis Hamilton gets a final score

After eating what he described as the worst burger he’s ever had, Calfreezy gave the entire meal a final score. The scoring system looked at three things: the price, food, and service.

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Starting with the price, he revealed his entire meal had a £15 bill [$18.99]. “It’s okay, it’s London prices,” he argued, giving it a 3/5. The food, for which he showed the camera a thumbs down, got a 2/5. The only saving grace was the lemonade and the tots which carried the measly two points. The service, however, won him over, for which he gave a 4/5.

Thus, with an overall score of 6.5/10, Calfreezy continued his escapade, leaving a very insightful review of Hamilton’s project. Surely, with a perfectionist like Lewis Hamilton holding the reigns, problems like these should get quick resolution.

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